the scourge of industry.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. would we have been better off if we hadnt been so gung ho on cramming production efficiencey as a priority above all else?
    ...if we had realised the destructiveness of our polution earlier in the industrial revolution?
    if we had reccognised human rights sooner?
    if we had never forgotten we must work with nature, and not just take take take?
    would things be better?

    do we do any better these days?

    do we not just polute as much now as we did then?

    we're already too late to stop the evironment from falling into chaotic self destructiveness.... will we be able to stop and reverse things before its too late and we make the world uninhabitable?
    we're closer than you think.
  2. efficiency can't exist without waste, otherwise you wouldn't be asking this question.

    recognizing our faults and solving them are a large part of what we do.

    This is why I always say 'look at where we've come from where we were' when someone tells me humanity is doomed to destruction.
  3. The older generations dont give a flying fuck about our planet. as soon as they die out we can fix it but by then it will be far too late I will be old and noting will have been done because it is more convenient to forget than to acutally do somthing.

    and I think that somthin is to leave the oil in the ground ban cars ban fossil fuels use soloar and wind and warter and heat
    and stay happy

    and above all work together as one.
  4. (i wondeer what generations you are refering to / how old you are.. :) wondering if to your eyes I'm among those whom don't give a shit or the others..)

    the problem in any sphere we look upon (economic, politic, geographicc whateverFIC) Money drives the decisions taken.

  5. Yup, you got that right. One word: investors.
  6. greed is self-destructive to our planet and society, but we ahve no clue what to do about it.
  7. Yea sure. Just until we get destroyed by a comet.

    Seriously. What are you thinking? We need industry. We need space travel. If our race is to survive.

    Now i remember why i stay out of the philosophy section.
    Very little philosophy, and tons of atheist vs religion debates
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  8. Also humans are not destroying the enviroment. Thats a very arrogant thought that has been proven wrong time and time again.

    Climate change is just an exscuse for global tyranny

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    Disagree, define waste. Biological waste feeds micro organisms and plants, plants feed us. True efficiency would result in no waste. 
  10. How are we not destroying the environment? If we dont consider climate change, there is still a billion things humans are doing that destroys the environment. Desertification, overforesting, over use of resources, over killing animals the list goes on and on and on. Even the way we farm destroys the environment! The simple act of plowing has destroyed many important functions within ecosystems, especially when you throw all those chemicals in the fields as well. If you truly think that humans are not destroying the environment, then you must not live in reality.
  11. Humans are the only species to create waste. "waste" created by other organisms always serves a purpose for something else.
  12. Ants and bevers destroy their enviroment
    So does yeast. Most life forms in fact destroy their enviroment.

    The point is the impact is negligable.

    Nature doesnt care what humans do. If we destroy everything and become extinct, new life will rise from our ashes

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  13. Ants actually improve the quality of the soil. I agree that nature is resilient, but why should we go as far as destroying everything and making it extinct? Because if we do that, then surely humans will go extinct. We are destroying the earths capacity to sustain human life.
  14. I dont disagree with you persay. I just want to put it into perspective.

    Mass extinctions happen all the time. We are overdue (statistically) for another one.

    Humans destroying "the" enviroment, is really us just destroying our own enviroment.

    Earth and life will still be here. So i dont like when people say we are destroying the earth. We arent. Life will live on long after us on this and other planets.

    The only people we are hurting is ourselves. And i agree that hurting ourselves is bad

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  15. "We have guided missiles but unguided men"Martain Luther kingSent

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