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  1. what is a the term for something that describes itself....

    Melodious Moniker...

    it describes itself... what is the term for that...
  2. An onomatopoeia?

  3. Word.
  4. And here I was, trying to come up with some kind of Latinate like "autodescriptor" :D
  5. ;)

    Go with spontaneous any time. If you trust your judgment it's not impulsion.
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    thats funny, my brother and i were talking about this the other day. i would think that the word is autological, depending on what part of speech it is. autological applies to adjectives, as they describe (duh). check out the Grelling-Nelson paradox, i think it is relevant to this.

    that or autonym if you want to be simple.

  7. trust doesnt imply truth... perception does not define truth.... what is truth?

    I cant even answer my own question....
  8. When I first read the title I though you were going to reffer to Terrance McKenna's 'Stoned Ape' theory, which basically says that our ape -> cavemen ansestors were eating shrooms which allowed them to create a language. Can't really prove this theory, but it is just as valid as they discovered language without shrooms. (And the shrooms would have given them a deeper connection with each other, making verbal communication possible).

    On topic:

    To describe somthing is to compare it to somthing else. You can't compare somthing with it's self unless the person you are talking to already knows about that thing. Then you arn't describing the object because they already have a pre-thought conception of that object.

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