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  1. is it possible to go crazy for a girl just because of the way she smells? like the perfume me i always go crazy for the same smell its definatly a victoria secrert perfume.. everytime im next to someone that smells this way it just arouses the heck outta me. why dont AXE think of something like this because their body sprays just reeeek..
  2. I can't help but turn my head if a girl walks by and smells good. Smell is huge.
  3. Absolutely, scent is big part of who we are and who we are attracted to. Even in the animal kingdom it is about smell. The flowers you pick are for beauty as well as smell.
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    Oh goodness, scents are dire to our human senses. And natural scents can definitely be a turn on, just as long as it isn't too overpowering --same goes with cologne/perfume.

    The only cologne that renders me weak on a man is, Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani.

    My favorite perfume would have to be Dior Addict 2 --I've never had a complaint. Also, if I smell another woman wearing it (or Clinique Heart Happy/Happy to Be, Victoria's Secret Very Sexy For Her/Him)I will instantly turn my head to size up whomever is wearing it. :devious: And of course, compliment them for their exquisite taste in perfume. ;)
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    Scents are important to me. I have a really sensitive nose and need a guy that showers & uses deorderant daily and some cologne (atleast when we go out). Nothing too heavy though, I don't want it to mask his natural scent but yeah I looooooooooooooooooooove guy colognes (nice ones not the 99¢ store ones that smell like the inside of an ass). If we have to smell good, so should they! Mmmm :D

    and I fucking love perfumes and body splashes. I always have a bottle of body splash in my purse for random spritz during the day (especially since it's usually hot and humid here and the smell usually evaporates quicky if you're using body splashes) and they are good to have around after a session because when I have sessions, it's usually all girls and after we're done none of them have spray or anything so I come to the rescue lol. At night or when going out with a guy or with friends is when I wear eau de parfum which lasts all night with just a few spritz all over the body. I always get complimented on how I smell :p I have people tell me "damn girl, you smell great!" all the time. People like scents man. You gotta find the perfect scent for you and work it.

    My fave perfume has to be the original Juicy Couture perfume (I don't own it because it's too expensive but I love it and will own it one day, damnit!)

    - Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton (the one I get complimented most on)
    - This orange blossom one by GAP
    and some random body splashes from bath and body works (cotton blossom, cherry blossom, warm vanilla sugar, Japanese cherry blossom, etc.) it really just depends on my mood.
  6. My old boss used to wear this cologne that seriously made me think about rubbing my face on his chest and I wasn't even attracted to him! I wish I knew what it was. I'd make my fiancee wear it. I mean, he (my fiancee) smells good and I want to rub my face on his chest all the time anyway, but I would probably never let him wear clothes if he wore what my boss used to.
  7. yea, i like it, but only in extremely moderated, moderate moderation.
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    I go crazy for the right amount of Vannilla and Lavender. No joke. It's weird.

    I have a friend that comes over reguraly to smoke, chill, bullshit, ect. I'm not attracted to her at all, even though she is pretty.

    But the one day man, she was wearing sweat pants, t-shirt with no bra, and that Vannilla and Lavender. I seriously wanted to tear it up. :wave::hello::wave:

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  9. I already said in a diff. post that curve crush makes me go nuts.
    The black bottle. I <3 it.

    And I always get complimented on my perfume... only by other chicks though, never dudes....

    But lots of guys have told me they LOVE vanilla. Like my vanilla lotion, haha they say "I just want to eat it"

  10. I love the smell of a womans hair.
  11. some girls over do it though
    some just reek of it like some nasty strawberry cotton candy kind of smell
  12. I hate when a girl has so much perfume on that it like invades your esophagus and you can practically smell the chemicals used in the perfume FUCK i hate that

    otherwise its cool
  13. lol. i bet you're one of those guys who likes to hug women extra long, just to soak up their scent huh? creep!

    jk. ;)
  14. I was in Asia at the time and I was trying to get a real tattoo on my shoulder blade, needless to say the guy kept commenting on how good my hair smelled he couldn't do the job. it was by far the most funniest thing I came across!

    thank god he hooked my friend up with a hena, geez his work was awful so it was a damn save.

    my boyfriend wears tag ohh boy it drives me crazy wild! makes me wanna rip his clothes off throw him on the bed and have my way with him. I m like those fabreeze commercials on his chest.

  15. You wouldn't want your scent to be enjyoed by someone who you let hug you? :p
  16. ahhh...i love the smell of tommy girl and burberry brit...."druel"
  17. I was talking about those.. extra long hugs.. [​IMG] where it gets slightly uncomfortable after the initial "oh it's so good to see you" moment (because the person hasn't let go, even though you have). And it gets slightly creepy because you hear a long drawn out and deep inhale/exhale of the breath. Lol, I hope that made sense. :eek:

    But of course if you're going to hug me, I would want it to be a pleasant experience for you. And I'd only expect the same from you (good-hygiene is crucial). [​IMG]
  18. gio huh? what about code? ive had many more girls who like code more than gio

    ya scent is huge. i dont know what the perfume was, but this chick i was dating wore it. smell made me crazy, it was amazing
  19. dude same here.. the last girl i dated wore this perfume spray whatever.. and this was 2 years ago now everytime i smell this somewhere anywhere i go nuts.. it even brings back memories of this chick

  20. I've never experiences an "uncomfortable hug" before. If someone enjoys my smell and wants to hug me a little bit longer than so be it. I'm speaking about opposite gender's here.

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