The same two cops that gave me a weed ticket pulled me over on my bike today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by InnerPeace, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. wow, I wanted to just deck these mother fuckers in the face.

    so the fuckin cops saw me walking my bike(i saw them in the corner of my eye and decided not to ride it because they can pull me over for no headlight). And they rolled up to me and asked me to stop. They're like, hey hey I know you i arrested you for weed a couple months back. have you ever taken care of it?
    Me: no, I've been busy working and didn't really have time.
    pigs:so that means you have a warrant
    me:*laughs* no, most likely not
    pigs: So whats going on you got any weed on you?
    me: no am I free to go
    Pigs: wait up how do I know you don't have a gun on you or selling drugs to people? want my id to backround check me or what?
    pigs: Yeah
    me: here you go*hands the filthy pig my I.d.

    pigs: you know marijuana is illegal right?
    me: oh, ok
    pigs: ok you don't have any warrants, but do you mindi f I search you
    pigs: what? oh so you got something to hide
    me: what ? can I help you or am I being detained?
    pigs: let me search you
    me: look, I don't consent to a search because I don't have time for this and I must go home, now can I help you or am I free to go
    pigs: your free to go

    wow, fuck these fools. I was shitting bricks tho cuz I had a resonated piece and some weed on me. Plus I was high as a fucking kite.

    Stick it to the man!

  2. Police are dicks...I mean I respect their job but sometimes idk I'd wish they'd like all get testicle cancer and die.
  3. Nice job handling that dude! I would have been shitting bricks too lol. Fuck cops
  4. booya!

    I never liked bacon.
  5. I know it's like what the fuck. Here is a guy minding his own business on his bicycle enjoying the evening and they come at me harrassing me pretty much.

    they're like whats going on? yeah i remember you from before you were being kinda rude. They were coming at me like they wanted to fight I swear if there were no rules and I had a pistol I'd def ask em to duel
  6. On a side note, you really need to take care of your previous marijuana possession charge if you haven't already.

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