The Sacrifices we growers make...

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  1. Am I the only grower who sacrifices personal relationships in the name of safety and security?

    I've been a grower for a loooong time to supplement my income, in my early years of growing, I had some close calls with phyco ex-g/f's and learned relationships are just not worth the risks.

    it's been almost 8 years since I really dated anyone, and trying to find an attractive stoner chick near my age is next to impossible. let alone a woman that can be trusted.

    I have a large circle of friends and am involved with many activities. in fact, I actually know a lot of single attractive women. but, they all walk the straight line. and enjoy FWB's with some of them (a man has his needs)

    So am I the only one who fore goes any type of relationship in the name of security? being single kinda sucks, but at least I am living free, and don't have to worry about getting busted. but it has been wearing down on me as I get older, and feel an important part of my life is slipping by.
  2. Well i dont grow but this makes alot of sense
  3. Harvest your current crop and ditch the growing. Living the single life can really wear a bro down. You aren't supposed to stay a bachelor forever bro.
  4. You can't just "stop" growing though... once you have become a grower, you never really stop being one. It's almost like taking care of a child and watching it grow to it's fullest extent (in a plant sense, of course). Point is, growing is a big part of a grower's life and it's hard to just give it up.

    I say don't look but don't shy away from it. The law of attraction never fails, and love will end up finding you. Stay with what you love and you'll continue to find love in other places. Good luck :wave:
  5. Well, the problem with that is, I need the money to survive, especially in todays shitty economy. I live a modest life style, and giving up would only put me in some trailer park.

    with that said, I'll be using the money to finance training in a new career (building trade) that should net me 120k a year that is often over looked, but yet there are plenty of these jobs around.

    and growing is an addiction, worse than crack itself. I only toke down once a month to help me sleep. I cannot smoke it on a recreational basis anymore, as it makes me too retarded to function :)
  6. Man, I don't know how bad or good of an idea this might seem, but just to throw in a bit of my input, I say you just gather up enough money to leave. Move somewhere else, settle down. Change things up a bit, have some variety in your life.
  7. sounds like a bad idea too me, why would I just up and leave? the money will run out fast, and I'll be broke. besides I love it here, and own my home.
  8. Maybe a vacation would sound better?
    I'm just thinking that some time away would be nice. :confused_2:
  9. I take 2-3 Vacations a year out of the Country! I even toyed with the idea of moving to Argentina, buying a big chunk of property (it's cheap down there) and over growing it down there LOL.

  10. Oh man, lol. Well good luck with your situation hope it all works out swell.
  11. All I have to say man is that, Don't stop growing. If it is meant to be you will find the girl of your dreams that you will be able to conitnue to grow with. And if you don't find that girl.. it wasn;t meant to be.
  12. Well lucky me and my boyfriend (common law 5 years) have both invested equally in our grow, and we would keep it to the graves. I sacrifice friendships for it. I only trust very few people to even let them know what I do (We just started growing more part time to supplement income cuz my bf lost his job :( )
    Other than that it always great to have medicine around. It helps manage my pain and reminds me to eat, haha. The brownies I make are specially dose'd for excellent pain relief :p
  13. yea i was just in the same situation so i just told her i got really sick so i gould go tend to my plants no questions asked :D
  15. Real talk ...... Ill second this opinion.....
  16. Fuck it, do a big grow and buy some chick from the Far East, problem solved and she will do what you tell her (carry that plant over there darling would you).


    Move to California, lots of stoner chickies there :)

  17. Hes on to something...... :smoke:
  18. Seriously i feel ya bro...

    Ive been hustlin for 7 years now, and the first 5 years I was all by my lonesome...

    But i couldnt quit cuz i had to pay rent, but im also scared as shit to go back to jail so my relationships definately suffered...

    Then 2 years ago I met my girl, same age and just as much of a pothead(if not more)

    Shes incredible, she loves the science of growing, reads damn near as much as me...

    Last week she came home with 300 dollars worth of shit, and she informed me she was going to attempt to grow shrooms(coming along nicely!)

    Damn i love this crazy bitch...:cool:
  19. after all its what gives him the title "grower" no. just keep it low key, one plant and have minimal harvest. instead of making it supplement your income you gotta make it just supply your need of getting high
  20. Wait you grow weed to smoke once a month? What do you do with the rest of the weed? No offense but your question just became ridiculous, you can't spend like 20 dollars a month instead of growing and are sacrificing relationships for that? Huh?

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