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The sacred closing of 420

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tyrone_C, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Yeah, I've smoked a lot of weed today. Wowza. Anyhow, I'm sure a lot of other people have too.

    But like, does anyone still have any left? I mean, like. There's a special way to close 420 ya know, it's ritualistic thing I kinda came up with while planning the last few hours of this glorious day.

    Well, if you wanna close 420 in a nice sacred way of sacredness, follow this here thingiemabober and it will tell ya what to do.

    Well first you need to set out the weed you will be blazing in this final session on this happy day. Look at it good, feel how dense it is, and maybe even weigh it if your lucky enough to have a scale.

    Now estimate how long it will take you to smoke this set amount, in whichever way your planning on smoking this. Hopefully your reading this while you still have time, but you need to start blazing so you end exactly at 11:59. Of coarse, this may not exactly happen, but it's good to shoot for.

    So pretty much you wanna finish as 420 finishes. Why? Symbolism my friend.

    It's like, this is the start of a new era, the start of a new year before the next 420. We want to spend it high, not just getting high, so lets finish this old weed year off with getting high, and start the new one really high and good to go. May it be a nice high year for all...happy 420;)
  2. dude, if i dont pass out before 12am... i'm totally down!
  3. Good stuff, I'ma start at like 11:00 just cause I like to take my time and I've got a bit of hash which I have to stealth toke which could take a while. I'm so freakin burnt, I hope I don't blaze then just pass right out:eek:
  4. I am pre fucking burnt right now...anymore will probably knock me out. I'm finishing this beautiful day with one hell of a fucking munchie: Digiorno pizza...three meat, cheese stuffed crust, fuuuuuck........the end.
  5. tonight will be a death blow to the sleeping pill industry. au natural baby :smoking:

    btw I turned 18 on 3/19. ahahahha

  6. 4/19?
  7. I'm gonna be up way later than that, though I can probably just drink and shit after 12, just because I'm a big fan of symbolism.

    Best first 420 ever!
  8. Heh, I started right at 11:00 but after like 2 hits of hash I decided anymore would just be a waste cause I was so freakin burnt out. I'm still burnt out actually, so oh well, no sacred 420 ritual this year I suppose:eek:
  9. I tried to smoke out the new 420 and I failed you master, I fell asleep on the couch locked down form the herbs, the strengths were to many. I had to give into the sleep machine. Loved trying to get high all day and all night man it was a blast. By the way this was my very first of many 420's.... YEA! JOE>
  10. I smoked right at 11:59 , it was great
  11. Same here, I was clearing a bong rip right when it changed over to 12:00, what a way to go out :D
  12. Haha me 2 man, I used the bong for just this occasion
  13. Wow well my new 420 year is starting F'in good!

    Lemme just say whats goin on right now..

    I'm really trippin.

    Like, oh man.

    It seems like I have SO many fingers typing on my keyboard.

    It's like my hands are both spiders and my fingers are the legs, but my freakin hands have 8 fingers each!


    Oh man.

    I need to go in public soon this is GOING TO BE INTENSE!!!


    This is just 'leftovers' too..

    Like leftovers from 420.

    And I'm done, spent!


    How's the start of everyone's new 420 year goin? Good?


    What am I goin on about?

  14. whoa whoa what?

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