The rules of society, assume you won't always follow the rules of society

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  1. We have rules for what you should do if you have broken the rules. On the level of social expectations: you should apologize. On a legal level: after breaking the law you should turn yourself in and accept the consequences. On the level of games and sports: there are rules for what is done in the event of rule breaking.

    each set of rules includes rules for what is done or what you should do if you have broken a rule. Thus, the rule system presumes it will not be followed. A set of rules that assumes people follow it would not need such contingencies.

    I'm high okay, I know this shit is obvious and hardly worth mentioning once I think about it but it just strikes me as funny in this moment.

    Technically, according to psychology a rule isn't a rule without the or else. "don't do this" isn't a rule, it's a just a. command. a rule is "if you do that, this will be the consequence"
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  2. There's no reason to follow rules that much any longer. Nobody trusts the people who make the 'rules', hell nobody really likes each other that much other than a close circle of friends. I personally think our country should break up into new nations according to our values and mores. The radical liberals have one or two parts like the coasts, the south, the midwest, and the west have their own nations. Look what the eastern area of Oregon is doing. It'll never happen but it should.
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