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THE ROOSTER'S FARM! (Let's talk growing) (Let's make fun of each other) (Let's have fun)

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Therooster420, Dec 28, 2016.

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    UPDATE: a lot has changed since the start of this grow. It has evolved into 2 4x4 tents with a 400w metal halide for veg and a platinum p4xml2 in flower.
    I also now have the following strains.

    CHEMDOG #4

    I am not popping all. A lot are going on backup or outside. Please fast forward to the most recent pages to see what I'm running now.

    This thread is a place for marijuana enthusiasts to discuss growing techniques plant deficiencies and overall marijuana chit chat.
    Enjoy and feel free to share your successful grows

    So this is my second grow journal and I'm a little late on starting it just because I've been consumed with moving and a lack of Internet at the new location which seems to be a blessing after learning to appreciate the quietness of life.
    My previous journal was a T5 scrog experiment with great yet not completely satisfying results in the amount of veg time required and the amount of smoke the wife and I consume we decided to do a closet grow at the new location with a plan to harvest something different every 2-3 weeks. I found a closet in the upstairs which I do not use in the house I own. We remodeled the downstairs of an old family home so we could move in and it will most likely be 2-3 years before the upstairs gets any attention and the house is set up in a way where the only access upstairs now is through my bedroom so it is a pretty stealth and effective way to grow. I found a closet in an old bedroom which is situated directly over my bedroom (how convenient for noise) and the closet has an 8 foot ceiling but the ceiling has a slant to it. I would say the footprint on the floor is about 7ft long. The closet is only about 24" wide with walk through doors so it is accessible from 2 bedrooms. I bolted the one door shut and sealed it up. Hung a 400w high pressure sodium up at the top and pitched it ever so slightly to follow the slant of the ceiling. There has been many modifications to this grow from start to where I am now. Like fans to curb heat issues more and moving the filter from the back of the grow with ducting up to the light and now it is above the light with a small amount of ducting venting behind the light. I have a window fan in the doorway pointed at the light as well. And a 12" fan in the back of the flower pointed at the light as well. All these fans makes me want to go to LED which is going to happen at tax time. I'm switching to a 600w chip on board model.
    In the closet I came down approximately 55-60" and built a floor to seperate top and bottom. This floor becomes the floor for my flower room. I cut a hole in the floor added pvc couplings and a ball valve to drain the runoff into something I can get rid of or recycle. I hung 30" T5's underneath that floor and another proprietary t5 my friend had that's about 18" wide. This went sideways at the end of the other t5s. I then stuck a tote in the back of that under the small t5. This tote is a homemade easy clone machine I made out of a fountain pump pvc and the rest of the parts came from the hydro store.
    The other t5s are solely for veg. I'm finally starting to get caught up in the veg room. Previously I've been flowering plants I got from friends that were ready for flower. Now I'm finally starting to add my plants to the mix. I'm a big fan of tying down and getting multiple shoots to the top. My friends tend to just cut clones and let them do whatever. I baby mine more and I'm hoping that it will show the skill set in a month or two when I'm harvesting twice the amount off the plants I veg. But anyway I currently have a ducksfoot cross strain that is somewhat a local legend. (Nothing smells as strong or as good as this plant) it's consistently good too yet yields are never impressive to my standards it tends to be a whispy or airy growing plant with lots of leaf so trimming isn't ideal in my opinion nor is the stench for stealth indoor grows. However I'm keeping the strain alive for a friend that wants it next year for outdoor. I then have a classic white widow strain. No need to talk about that we've all had it.
    After that I have a mystery strain from a previous grow. This is the only plant I have left from that grow because I didn't flower it and I never took clones during that grow because I didn't have the option to continue at the moment when I was done there. I believed it to be skunk#1 all summer long when it was vegging however now I'm not sure if it was the skunk#1, gorilla glue, or King Louis XIII. I know it's killer and I know it is extremely hard to clone. Takes 30+ days to root in the ez clone. All the rest of the strains do it in 12. Completely coated with resin. Dense nugs. Will post pics at harvest.
    I then have the strain money bush. Really easy to clone vigorous vegetative growth and the smoke is great. A must have in your grow in my opinion.

    9 pound hammer is another strain I am growing for the taste and the Taste alone.

    I then have cookies kush and I'm not sure how it is I recently harvested one I got from a friend at day 36 of flower I finished it but when I get the plant from him it had such a severe calcium deficiency I wasn't able to revive it to be a good harvest. I got a lowsy ounce and a half and the plant looked like it was a 4 ounce plant. Huge nugs just completely airy and stemmy. If the next plant harvests like that then I will discontinue the strain.

    I also have barneys farm critical kush and all I have to say about that is if you aren't growing it then you should be. Period.

    Here are a few pics. I'll start updating from here out. If you have any questions just ask
    Oh yeah I'm running the complete fox farm line but at my own regimens[​IMG]
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  2. Here's some pics. Some are more recent. Like I said I make changes to be more efficient all the time.

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  3. Looks good bro. I only looked at the pics, haven't read it yet. I read that mirrors absorb quite a bit of light, and just plywood painted white is substantially more effective, or just the wall behind the mirror might think about ditching that, or look into it maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, good luck I'll be lurking
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  4. See that's what's up and That's why I'm on this forum dank. This is one of those so easily overlooked things. I was under the impression with Mylar and everything that mirrors had to be the best option due to the perfect reflection. Your post made me scratch my head and do some research and indeed my friend you are right. I would have never looked into using mirrors I would have just continued to think I had good reflection. The black behind the glass shines your image well but is terrible at reflecting light. So props to you dank. You just improved my grow without even knowing it and the mirrors are already on their way down pal.

    T5 Scrog experiment. Gorilla glue #4, skunk#1, King Louis XIII, and one mystery plant
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  5. Now this is what healthy plants should look like.Very nice
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  6. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    The drying stuff is some widow i took about 6 days early because I was out of smoke. It was a small plant anyway needed to go. The above is my mystery. I believed it to be a skunk but now I think it to be a King Louis XIII. It was a leftover plant from my t5 scrog that I never flowered. Looks beautiful. Can't wait for Amber trichs. Should be within the next 5 days I think

    Check out the big things I'm doing in little places!
    Perpetual closet grow
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  7. Looking good!

    sent from the toilet.
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  8. I have even used the white side of leftover gift wrapping paper if you cant/don't want to paint. Looking good tho man, keep at it.
  9. Man those are looking tasty! Hope mine turn out that frosty.

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  10. The wire on the last plant may look funny but is a really effective way for me to open a plant up and get some of the lower chutes to come up as main branches. Simple Too. I make a cork screw on one end of a piece of tie wire I stick it in the ground and then bend it around in a circle to push all the branches down. You can add a kink in the wire where you want the branch to sit so it can't move either. Pretty easy to push down multiple branches without putting multiple holes in the bucket and tying strings to the branches. Eventually the branches get strong enough and start to push it back up but by the it's time for transplant and flower.
    Try it you'll like it.
    Compliments of thee rooster

    Perpetual closet grow
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  11. [​IMG]

    Why I tie my plants down. I defoliate all the time too. Lots of chutes. Going to transplant tomorrow. Then introduce some high pressure into the veg cycle for a week and then switch to flower.

    Perpetual closet grow
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  12. Roost those are looking good my man. Love the training looking to follow you on some of that. Coming out real nice shape.

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  13. Nice grow bro!!! I'm on my 1st grow I didn't train them and do very little defoalation, I have a couple of clones only 2 weeks into flower I trained them some but because of time restraints I had to flower them short.... any way you keep them much more sparse than I've seen has it helped your yields? Or like more frosty buds?
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  14. Defoliating hard requires some training. You have to get them used to it during veg. Some respond well some don't. But it increases yield pretty decent on the bottom end. Less popcorn more density. Bigger buds. I have a money bush that will come down in about 3 weeks that has a full defoliated lifespan. From clone it started getting leafs hacked off. Every couple weeks. I always take something that's covering a new growth spot. And a couple phases throughout the lifespan I'll pretty much strip the plant. To the point where it causes some pretty good stress. But when the plant picks back up it does ten fold. After doing this during the veg stage it sort of sets the tone for flower. Then I hack off anything covering bud sites early on. In the middle of flower I'll let them produce their new fan leafs and then last 2 weeks I start thinning them out a little each day. The widow didn't respond as well as I'd like but the money bush coming down in a couple weeks is a hog and it's absolutely because of defoliation.

    Perpetual closet grow
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