The RooR is Dead, long live the RooR...recommend me an alternative

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  1. broke it last nite... hit the stem arm to my porch table (metal) and it broke [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    recommend me a replacment bros [​IMG]

    here are the contenders:

    1. Same RooR, 18", ~ $280

    2. SYN full size shower head, $360:

    3. Sovereignty - Stemline 60mm V3, $ 320:

    4. HYV simple ice catcher 20", $130

    kinda leaning towards the latter, but [​IMG]
  2. I have to agree with you, the last beaker looks beautiful. Go for it :hello:
  3. i like the last one.But tha roor looks nice.:)
  4. Sovereignty all the way:D
  5. I'd go with the SYN showercap, I've had mine for about a month and a half and it hits like a dream. You won't regret getting it.
  6. yeah, I've been reading a lot, and seems like the stemlive v2's are the smoothest and best hit....leaning towards them
  7. If I were you I'd get the stemline. I've heard some really good things about them.
  8. I'd either get the SYN or the HVY beaker with a good ashcatcher. Another company you should also look into is ZOB a lot of their higher end pieces are very nice
  9. I'd say the stemline. Similar filtration to a great diffy and the Stemline clears better.
  10. Hell yeah, The Sovereignty is the shit.The funny thing about it is the aqualab tech store is about 10 min away from my house. The shitty thing is no walk in discounts, even on discontinued shit. Believe me I have tried, they do have some of the best shit around though but bring your wallet with ya.
  11. I read an article about stemline its really good
  12. what do you guys think of the stemline V2 vs KING?

    any pros/cons?

  13. Id get the SG but thats a biased opinion because ive wanted one forever now.
  14. Go with the stemline. Best piece there for the money hands down.
  15. is there somewhere else I can get teh stemline KING besides aqua lab? they are outta stock, and only have the v2.

    I'm leaning to the king..
  16. stemline by far.
  17. anyone know where I can get a stemline KING online? aqualabs is out of stock :(
  18. i got the king and its badass as well fucking smooth as hell. wait like a week to see if ALT gets them in they did 2 times this week

  19. so here is aquick question: since I dont take big rips (just small-medium sized ones....I like to take my time :p ), would the V2 be a better fit?

    or will the King still be the better choice?
  20. good lord, take a look at how great the SG diffuses :eek:

    [ame=]YouTube - Sovereignty King Stemline[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Sovereignty King Stemline Milkshot[/ame]

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