The role of procreation in sexual stigmatization.

Discussion in 'General' started by Apstract, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. So I want to discuss the role of procreation in sexual adverseness or stigmatization. what are your thoughts on this subject?

    I will add a thought/question: If procreation was not an aspect of sex, would there exist a stigmatization of pedophilia?
    My thought would be that in any social structure that evolves the sex in the nature that we have it... with humping and strong motions and such, it would have to have evolved as a result of procreational drive. However, anything that evolves of what we might now see as vulgar within our society, as a common practice as to the extent of sex, it would be seen more like dancing in that culture.
  2. I do not understand your thought/question, please elaborate.

    My thoughts on procreation is that it should end, we should leave, and let whatever other living thing that decides to take over after our disappearance have a go at it...Cause thus far, we as a society, have failed miserably.:cool:
  3. He's sayin that if sex was purely recreational and served no purpose in reproduction that people would be much more free in doing so, even with children, because it would be looked at as something akin to dancing
  4. I do not believe so, no.

    Even without a necessity to the act such as procreation or otherwise, there would still be our fantastic society that would still place a stigma to it...Only it would probably be more like an "Illegal drugs" stigma, but rest assured, there indeed would be a stigma.

    If there is one thing we've consistently accomplished in all of our existence...It has been restrictions.:cool:

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