The Roach Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by bkadoctaj, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Man, there is absolutely nothing like smoking a huge roach in a bong. :D :bongin:

    Who' wit' me?
  2. yeah there is, a fresh bowl of dank
  3. Here you can have mine, I prefer clean bud.

  4. How is that like smoking a roach in a bong?
  5. It's not. It's better
  6. i usually just smoke the roach as it is...thats me though.
  7. bkadoctaj, im going to have to disagree with you. i hate the taste of "roach loads" but when your dry and you got a couple roaches in the ash tray, theres nothing bad about throwing those bad boys in a bowl.
  8. one time me and my homie rolled 5 joints kept usin the same roach in the end of the night(7 joints total) we smoked the roach it was so wet and gooey with resin the roack got us fuckin cooked.
  9. You need to roll a generation joint-where you save up like 7 or 8 good decent sized roaches and roll it into a joint. Thats a generation joint

    Than you can even go further and keep the roaches of 7 generation joints and roll those into a SUPER generation joint

    hahah ive never tried it but read it in hightimes
  10. me to haha^ its in the cheech and chong high times lol i got a free pack of cigar pappers when i got the mag
  11. My roach jar is nearly full. I'm gonna have a roach session w/ a few selected friends and coworkers.

    I don't prefer roach weed, but it's a nice change in the day to day.
  12. damn i like roaches man.. got me baked before class many a time..
  13. so that's what it called i always called the Frank-n-Fucks
  14. Hittin a roach snapper is awesome. Gets you soooo high! :D:bongin::smoke:
  15. I just put the roach in a nader and your set in the morning. ive heardd soo many names for a nader like roachmaster etc, its just a plastic bottle you light and make a hole for the roach then make a carb, your set haha
  16. Hell yeah! Sometimes if I'm smoking I'll decide that half a joint will be sufficient to boost my high, so I just save the roach for later. I saved the last half from last night, and I'll be smoking it tonight before I go to sleep. :smoke:

    Here's to roaches!
  17. Roaches make my day when im dry on bud:smoke:
  18. the summer before college me and my friends save all the roaches we could till a couple days before we left. Unrolled and re-rolled all of them, best way to end the summer
  19. i love throwing roaches in bongs,bubbles or pieces.
    gets you hiiiiiiiigh.

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