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The Ritual We All Follow

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Vallak, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. i get home from school say hello to my mom and tell her i had a good day i go down the stairs go in my room close the door and deadbolt lock it and chain it i throw my bag on the floor, i lay on my bed arms behind my head legs crossed thinking about my day and then after spacing out significaly i turn to my bedside table take my altoids box and the ritual begins, i take a nug of fresh skunk take my little pocket knife scisors and chop it into fine crumbs take a zig zag make a joint while forgeting about anything else i grab my budweiser zippo and with my hands still full i manage to put a vynil on my record player preferably punk music , real punk music i lay back light up and i go up in smoke.

    I find that the actual process of geting ready to smoke is as soothing as the smoke session itself what do you think? write your own ritual and lets share experiences :smoke:
  2. The ritual is very important. If you don't setup your sesh just right. Shit can go wrong.

    I've almost gotten caught just because I was soooo careless and just didn't give a fuck.
  3. Iv gotten caught because i skippd like 1 thing tht didnt seem a big deal but it was part of my ritual and yeah big trouble but i make sure parents leave get the bud get the bowl, bong, blunt, or bubbler fill it wit water (if needed) then pac it then before i go outside idky but i have to use the bathroom everytime then afte check the front a couple times and go in the back nd blaze up lol love it
  4. guys we are not talking of our bad experiences with getting caught it is not something you want to think about when you are high mates, please make it as relax as possible for everybody
  5. I love my ritual, First i find my cedar cigar box, Which i hide the previous night, Then i take my buds and grind them through my red grinder, Lay the contents down in a clean ashtray kept in my box just for weed. then pick through for seeds stems ect. Then i take and load up my favorite bowl/bong, Smoke, Put in eye drops and clean up, Taking around an hour to do alone, Savoring every second on me time and relaxation it gives me.
  6. due to a weird room layout i do my smoking in the morning before school. get out of bed, eat, shower, brush teeth, dress, prepare bag, make sure my "pencil case" is in my bag. take the elevator downstairs to where i lock my bike in the basement, sit in the stairs, roll myself a reasonably sized joint, depending on supplies it will either be AK47 pure, with tobacco, mixed with hash, or a tobacco/hash joint. Once ive smoked up i plug in my earphones, get the gum out (chewing gum high is the SHIT...), get on my bike, and proceed to bike the 5km bike to school.
    Im a morning person, school starts at 8, but im always there by 7am. nice spending the morning in school buzzed.
  7. i have a ritual for when i smoke at night. first i drink a shitload of caffeine and then go to my room and say im going to bed. then i go in my closet and attach the handle to the window in there (the handle comes off another window, my parents dont think you can open the closet window). then i go get my shit and put it in there, as well as a sleeping bag for warmth (if its cold out). then i sit at my computer for 10-20min or until i think its safe. once i think its safe, i pray for a few minutes and then go into my closet to smoke.

    wow.... i fell asleep posting this. going early morning surf fishing today (went late nght fishing last night) so this post will have to remain incomplete
  8. My ritual for smoking at night (pretty much the only time I can at home) is I'll wait until about 1 - 1.30am when my parents will go to bed, and 10 mins after they have and haven't got back up again, I'll take my rolling equipment out. It's buried so deep underneath stuff then inside a bag, inside a tub and some smell proof bags, so I try to be pretty quiet taking it out.

    I'll put Fresh Prince, Man vs Food or some Wiz on and proceed to grinding and rolling. When it's rolled I'll put the equipment away, use the toilet if I need to and get a drink and some snacks from the kitchen. Then I put 2 t shirts and a hoodie over the bottom of my door, and a dust bag for my holdall in the vent, then open both my windows, turn the blue lava lamp on, and pull my curtains almost shut. By this point its been about 30-40 mins since they went to bed, and it's safe to assume they're asleep. Then I stand on my bed (double bed against the window), light a match and light the joint behind the curtains so the initial smoke stays behind them and goes out the window (I find myself preferring matches now, after having too many lighters than just don't work), tuck the matches behind the curtain and smoke out the window. I'll probably have a break halfway through, have a drink, put some other music on (a lot of the time it's stopped like 10 mins ago and I never noticed -_-) and go finish the rest of it, flick the roach out the window and shut the curtains for about 5 mins while I get off my bed and put the matches away.

    Then I open the curtains, and put a small fan I have on my bed, a metre away from the window blowing the air out, and spray some fragrance on the windowsill and curtains. Then just sit there and enjoy. Watch tv, listen to music, go on GC, go on wikipedia, etc. After 20 mins or so I'll take all the smell protection away and get into bed with my laptop and headphones.

    Hard to describe how it feels, but damn it's cosy :)
  9. You poor kids living with your parents lol. I come home from work go to my desk, break up some bud, pack the bong and its time to fly.
  10. Learn to use periods.

    But yes, I know exactly what you mean. Getting ready to smoke or vape, preparing in whatever way one prepares, is very soothing and an important part of the experience.
  11. What do you consider real punk music? Because i love to smoke listening to the Sex Pistols and the other shit i got on vinyl.

  12. I do the exact same thing man, cheers to that :smoke:
  13. i wake up, turn on my extreme Q vaporizer to 402º. as i give that time to heat up i turn on all the black lights in my room and lock my door. i connect my phone and play some mean dnb or maby some regae( whatever im in the mood for). then i sit there with the whip in my mouth, staring at the blacklight posters i got set up until it starts hitting away
  14. well my ritual is...I cover the floor in chicken blood that was freshly slaughtered and drained, but it is covered in the shape of a pentagram. I then begin to lit the candles around all the corners of the pentagram. Then lucious teenage girls with sugar tits and pumpkin booties surround the circle. Each one presents me with a different flavor joint, so i being to smoke...just as i finish the joint they have given me they undress one by one. Now that the circle of smoke and cooter is complete, i tell them to go home, blow out the candles and go to bed. I know im not the only one.
  16. :D

    [ame=]SNFU - Cockatoo Quill - YouTube[/ame]
  17. Listen to The Pixies if you like to get high and love punk.
  18. nice !

    [ame=]The Pixies : Where Is My Mind (1988) - YouTube[/ame]
  19. Most days I'll get off work at 430, drive home and stop to pick up drinks or snacks on the way. once I get home and get inside I already have my tubes, grinder, slides, vape, and nug jar next to my bed. So I'll be sure the windows and door and blinds are closed, turn on Netflix normally to that 70s show (seen every episode so I just randomly pick) and I'll start grinding up my bud. Cheese right now :) but I'll usually be distracted by girlfriend texts or something so The grinding process is like 5-10mins haha. Once that's done I'll turn Down the tv volume and plug in my phone to my speakers, turn on some nasty dubstep maybe bassnectar or flux pavillion usually. Decided what glass to use, pack the slide, and take like the biggest first rip straight to the dome. And il spend like 30mins an hour casually taking rips or vape hits every few mins until my playlist is done then the tv gets turned back up and I just relax in bed after a long work day enjoying one of the things I enjoy most while getting some good laughs and checking GC and other sites
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  20. I go in my closet and grab my bong,weed, and of course the ipod. then I go in my bathroom, jam a towel under my door, turn my hamper upside down do its like a table, cut up my weed (scissors > grinder), pack a bowl, get up and go back in my room because I ALWAYS forget my lighter. When I get back in I fill up my bong, turn on music (Cross-Eyed Mary by Jethro Tull is the way to go), and just get ripped then jump in the shower. Showers are fucking amazing when your high.

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