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  1. Hey! To those just getting in, I'm Swiss aka SoS. To those few who know me, thanks for following along on the new journey. There's not too much to report until I move to a new set-up, but I'm starting this now to help me plan out the next round. The latest seed order: I purchased a 5 pack reg jack skellington by tga and 1fem c99 by femaleseeds.
    I received as freebies: 1 sharksbreath, 1 kosher tangie and 1 skunk 47 by DNA
    2 silver kush Reserve Privada
    1 dinachem by Dinafem seeds
    1 girl scout cookie by BC Bud Depot (heard it's fake/trash)
    1 green crack by cali connection
    1 purple trainwreck Humboldt Seeds
    There's definitely no shortage of seeds to run. I'm thinking all 5 jack skellington and the silver kush but that may change. The sharksbreath sounds intriguing from what I've read. Anyway, that's all for now. Stay tuned for more.
  2. We found a new place with much more space. Also, I'll be picking up a gl120 4x4 tent within the next week. I'll be keeping my 32"x32" tent for veg. So much to do, but one has to walk before running. I'm itching to start the new run so bad. Hopefully the new soil mix isnt too hot for seedlings. That's been a worry of mine lately.
  3. All 5 skellington seeds and one c99 are soaking in water. I'm hoping to plant them tomorrow.
  4. 3/5 skellington seeds and the c99 were showing taproot today. They've been planted in cups and are resting on a heat mat. The other two js seeds are sitting in a paper towel to finish cracking (hopefully).
    You bought 6 seeds and got 9 freebies?  Including 2 Reserva Privada? What site?
    I'm growing a C99 as well.... not doing quite as well as my Lemon Kush, but they're still young.  What type of soil mix do you have?
  6. Hey hey, man. Nice to meet ya. I cashed in on attitude's Xmas promo. It was definitely a sweet deal. I'll have to scope out your stuff. I've run lemon kush as well. Femaleseeds version? My soil mix is ITG's organic soil mix for beginners, I believe. I can link the thread if you like. Feel free to follow along once things get rolling.
  7. The last 2 Skellys cracked this afternoon. They're all nestled in soil. Now the waiting game. I usually see seeds break in 1-3 days, so we'll see how this batch does.
    Dude..... I bought seeds around the same time.... wish I had seen such a promo lol.  Yup, female seeds for both C99 and LK.
    I'm well familiar with ITG's mix... it's a link I recommend frequently.  I live in an apartment which makes organic growing tough lol.  So I based my mix on Coast of Maine stuff.  Started slowly due to a dense mix, but it's starting to hit its stride.  I grew up on a large farm growing our own veggies, fruits, etc.... so tough to transition to indoor growing.
    I'll sub up, good to see how C99 likes to be grown lol
  9. I've gotta sub up on your thread. I saw you use a lot of CoM products. I'd like to add them as well. I'm assuming you're in the northeast now? I really would love to have grown up gardening. Honestly before cannabis I never grew anything. Fortunately I've found I rather enjoy it. I have to agree on growing out of an apartment. It can be a pain in the ass. Lots of neighbors?
  10. 4/5 skelly's and the c99 popped between yesterday and today. I'm just waiting on the slacker. It was planted upside down and may need a bit to flip over. Pics will come later.
    Yeah, I use the Bar Harbor Potting Soil and the Quoddy Lobster Compost.  I think in the future I'll just use the Lobster Compost.... it's got everything I need really.  I'm down in Delaware, near Annapolis.  But the Whole Foods and some garden centers around here carry the CoM line.  They have a store locator thing on the CoM website if you want to find a store near you.
    lol I feel like I used to grow everything but cannabis.... but yeah, it feels good to get back into growing.  Deciding to grow cannabis has re-ignited my love of growing and now I'm getting basil and some veggies going soon lol
    I mean it's an apartment so..... yeah there are some neighbors lol.  They keep to themselves pretty well though.
    I've found the C99 wants less water than the Lemon Kush so far.... just something to think about if the leaves start droopin.....
  12. 6/6 poked their heads up. Pics later as I'm sore as Hell from trimming and packing.
  13. Jerry111165 was the one who turned me on to the CoM line. I really want to pick up some crab or lobster meal. There's a few places in CT that run their line but many keep limited stock. As for having neighbors, my last place was pretty quite but way too small. I'm still feeling out the people at the new apartment. On the plus side, I get my own grow room. I'm really excited to see what it can produce. I've grown both the LK and C99, though I didn't get to finish the c99. It was my first grow and she was hit hard with a few deficiencies. This run she's getting a primo spot in the garden. I also wanna check out mosca's c99 bx1. Might be useful for down the road breeding projects.
  14. So, the babies are 6&7 days old. One is pretty runty but seems to be moving along. Without further ado, pictures. IMAG0042.jpg skellingtons in back and left. C99 on right.
    IMAG0043.jpg 3 more skellys.
  15. Don't mind the 84 temps. They were SLIGHTLY overheated but I've got a fan going on them now.
  16. Subbing in.  Nice start but they are looking a bit leggy.  What are you using for light?  (Didn't see that if you mentioned it.)
    Sweet deal on the freebies.  I got some Northern Storm Auto's as freebies with my order from and they are my first run ever.  So far so good.
  17. Hey, chef. Welcome. They're under 4 cfls. I forget the wattage offhand. They're a little leggy because I just put them under the second set of lights yesterday. They've had more dark time than I would've liked as we just moved. They should tighten up with the added light. Also, good luck on your first run. I'll have to check it out.
  18. Everything going smooth SoS?
  19. Eh, they're looking a bit over-fertilized, IMO. They're showing some brown spotting and a bit of a curling under. I think this mix was a bit on the hot side and needs some more cycling time. I'm waiting to see if they grow into it while looking for a retailer with some of the CoM products I'm looking for. I found the lobster compost but not their ewc. Stew Leonard's(?) sells some decent stuff but don't open garden til April. I'll get some pics later today.
  20. I'm slacking so hard on taking pics. They're showing heavy signs of N toxicity in my opinion. Pics will be up this afternoon.

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