The right questions to ask

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by AresKenux, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. What is a right question?

    As in what is a good question to ask philosophically?

    Here is how it's played, you ask the question on this thread, but no one posts any answers, that way it's on yourself to figure it out and you keep things original. If you happen to want an answer, post a new thread.
  2. Why am I sometimes scared to flirt with a random female, one that if never talked to I would never see her again. Why is rejection scary?

    Why can I not compare myself to everyone else in the world in a sense that we all go through the same troubles and fear most of the same things that we don't end up trying because of that fear?

    Will saying yes to every opportunity in life I come across feed that sense of adventure?

  3. A right question already has the basis of the answer contained within it.

    How you phrase a question reveals much about the kind of answer you're willing to find.
  4. Is there a question I can ask that will form the basis of an answer that will satisfy me? And if I am capable of asking such a question, then surely I am able to find the answer, as in order to ask such a question in the first place, I am either ready to find, or already know, the answer I am looking for.

  5. Might it be that you should learn to "nut-up"? Or could it be that you are a pussycat (minus the cat ofcourse)?

    Could it perhaps be that you feel that you are an unique individual, and that no one could possibly go through what you're going through?

    Why don't you jump off a building and find out?

    And lastly, could it possibly be that these questions you ask has absolutely nothing to do with what the OP was asking?

    My answer to the OP: What do you mean by that question? It's so vague; could you perhaps clarify a few things?

  6. Philosophical questions, anything that changes your life really, or the way you think, my intention is to inspire people to think for themselves, rather than use others too much as a crutch. The point of this thread is to pose a question that applies to all, then to figure out the answer on your own.

    And you don't necessarily always have the answer to your own questions, but when you do, just keep it to yourself, it's like what Solomon said, 'better is a man that holds his emotions in and keeps his mouth shut rather than a man who expresses all of his folly.' It's not always better to pass on how you feel to others, but to bottle yourself up, and let yourself simmer in your own experiences.

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