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The Right Place-Volcano Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by II0 II IvI II0, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I am thinking about picking up a volcano and got a price from the guy

    Basic is 520 and the digital is 620

    Do those sound like good deals coming from a headshop???

    Also I am skeptical about the taste...A friend of mine made a Vap using a heat gun and Turkey bag and it tasted like absolute shat...

    Is it a shitty taste when smoking out of a vap or was it just his setup...

    I just dont want to drop 500/600 on something that will give a shitty taste as that is one of the main points of me smoking is for taste...

    Thanks for the help
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    edit: mine is ALOT better
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  5. 520 in a shop is fair. I paid 595 in a shop though I could get it cheaper online, but you avoid all the shipping issues.

    Taste is fine. You'll really like the Volcano.
  6. to answer your question your buddy had a bad setup. Ive vaped with the volcano countless times, and it tastes good.
  7. volcanoes are the shit, going for 420 here in austin (non digi)
  8. get one, you wont regret it. I paid about 550 and got some extra stuff with it and its a great purchase. Amazing taste, amazing high, amazing machine. :D
  9. Thanks..Probably going to go with the Digi..See if I can talk him down to maybe 600...
  10. with a volcano, the vapor tastes exactly like the weed smells. imo
  11. Volcano is the best taste you can get. Go for it :D

    I'm worried about your friend's heat gun though. With a proper gun, the vapor should taste like the Volcano. Your friend is probably using one with a non-ceramic heater and getting bad taste and chemicals. Or he's just turning the temp way too high and getting nasty smoke.

    Only Steinel and Milwaukee guns have the ceramic element and accurate temp controls. Other guns can burn your weed and add chemicals. Many have fiberglass elements which are bad to inhale.
  12. I would personally go with the Digi IMO. You can set the temperatures more accurately to you you can experiment around with the density of the vapor. You'll also have the buy some valves for the top. They come in a box along with the bags, that's separate. (At least that was the case at my local headshop when my good friend bought one)

    But if you're going for taste, it doesn't get any better than the Volcano. The taste is incredible.

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