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The right lighting for my space

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Soloflyer, Apr 22, 2010.

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    First of all thanks!! I signed up here a few years ago and you guys helped me start my first hydro setup!!

    I've had an average setup getting average results and I'd like to maximize my yield due to moving my setup into smaller space. I enjoy building so I am starting a stealth grow room project with a smaller area than I've been working with.

    I am going to convert an old dresser(or 2) into a mini grow room(s). My first dresser will be approx 42" T x 30" W and 18" Deep. These dressers will be in a 8' x 10' walk in closet. I want to use a HPS light with a hydro setup. And due to the small space I'm going to try LST for better yield. I'd like to have 2 plants growing at a time(per dresser).

    What size HPS lighting would be safe for this setup?
    With my setup is 600W too much? way more than I need?

    I see people using red LED lights in addition to their HPS, what is the benefit?
    Can I use HPS for both Veg and Flower?

    edit: oops I think this will be better off in a diff forum
  2. - Using a 150 or 250 w light would be sufficient for two plants. Anymore than that and it's over-kill for a small dresser.

    -You can use just an HPS, but it's preferrable to use a switchable ballast with MH and HPS lights depending on the growth stage. The more you can simulate natural lighting, the better.

    -You won't need red LED's if you use MH bulbs for vegging and HPS for flowering. It's actually less expensive to get a switchable ballast than to buy LED lights. LED lights need to be much closer to plants to be effective, so it would be awkward to provide even lighting.

  3. Thanks for the info!! I though 600W might be overkill.
  4. Yeah, 600w would be too hot for that area. It needs to be 2 feet away from the plants, where a 150w light could be 1 foot from the plant. With LST, you won't have to worry about light penetrating the canopy.

    I've got a 600w in a 5x5 area, and it's like walking into a tanning booth. :)

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