The Riddle Game.

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  1. i will now ask you a riddle, my answers will come in yes or no. lets see if you can figure it out. a man in a suit is running down a corridor with a briefcase in his hand. the lights flash and the man in his fancy suit stops running. why did he stop? what's his profession. the one that figures this one out gets a gold star;) let the riddle beginThe vikings are coming!
  2. Is he a model?
  3. a good guess but no:)The vikings are coming!
  4. Hes a bank robber?Sent from my LG-E450f using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Well fuck this riddle xD lol

    Is heeee a .... Secret service or judge ? Do judges wear suits? Lol
  6. its getting slightly warmer, but no. good guess!The vikings are coming!
  7. this is taking place in a concrete gov pr state facilicty

    The vikings are coming!
  8. The vikings are coming is the riddle..
  9. Or a soldier, unfortunately the lights were the flashing of  gunshots.
  10. He is one of those bomb squad people, running toward a bomb to defuse it, but lights activate on the device, so he stops, in case it will explode soon.

    That's definitely what it is...right?

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  11. thats what i thought too

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  12. the guesses are wrong, but you are definetly close. here comes another clue. inside the briefcase there are papers that might save someones life. location Texas.

    The vikings are coming!
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    a man is being executed and the man in the suit is a lawyer. the lawyer has papers detailing for the prisoner's pardon off of death row but as the lights flash he realizes it is too late to save him and he stops running
    edit: the man is being executed by electric chair, i should specify
  14. Absoletely correct! every detail was spot on.

    The vikings are coming!
  15. i got another brain teaser for ya
    Bob, Lisa, Ted, and Nancy live in the same house. One night, Bob and Nancy leave for a trip to the supermarket. When they get home, they find Lisa dead on the floor in a bed of shards of glass and a small puddle. It's obvious to the two that Ted was the killer, but the cops are never called and Ted is never convicted. Why?
  16. Lisa was on some fucked up drugs and killed her self, ted never existed, so no one called the cops haha
  17. Cuz Ted killed them too?
  18. Ted is a cat, Lisa is a knocked fishbowl over?
  19. This has gotta be the answer.
  20. I really think this is the answer, its the only logical one.

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