The Richest Man in The World

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Medicine Al, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. I hate to brag, but I'm pretty rich. Not that I have much money, in fact I probably owe more than I'll ever be able to make, but I'm comfortable for now. I look at the world with the eyes of a young man today, even though I'm older than Jesus Christ or John F. Kennedy ever got to be. I think I have so many advantages over my ancestors, I have to thank each of them, i feel love for all of the swimmers in my gene pool. In your honor I grow this garden of peace. I hope it is worthy, for my labors of love, and the toil I enjoyed here, were beyond description.

    I have a mate, who is easily the most intelligent, loving, caring spouse a human could ask for, I don't like to brag, but I find this person 'porn star' hot as well, and the love we have shared has allowed me to fill the memory banks of my mind with a plethora of pleasures, and memories so sweet, that I could now survive any torture, knowing that I have achieved this bliss, the rarest of human emotions, ecstatic enamoration. In her honor, i grow this garden of peace. My love is plowed into this soil, my heart beats the pulse of my farm, I can know no other higher state of mind, nor should I need to. With every fiber of my being, i dedicate my life to this love.

    I have children, who's innocence is inherent, who's beauty is within and without, I can see no wrong in their eyes. I would gladly spend my life scrubbing the toilets of hell in order to make this a better place for them to grow up. The future is created in each decision, no matter how small it seems, we must bring the quantum probability of peace into the future, not for the sins of the past, but for the potential of the unborn, who are already forming in the minds of our present. For them I would disarm my soul and lay down my prejudices, I would defy the gods if they only want war. If we pull back the curtain hiding the truth from our eyes, we have no enemies but disease, hunger and ignorance, anything else is man made, and can be man unmade. For the children, who are the future, I grow this garden of peace. All of my belief is planted in this potential Eden, and I pray only to preserve it for you, my baby, my life.

    I told you, i'm the richest man alive, just don't look in my checkbook. It's all in how you measure it. If love were dollars, or pounds or kryptonite or whatever currency is, I would be rolling in it, and when I'm dead I'll go with John Lennon to the All you need IS love Bank, and make one hell of a deposit!
  2. I like your style man, very powerful. :D Keep posting man!

    I'm not sure what I can say other than that was great!
  3. Thanks Mr. G, It's a letter of appreciation to the people who have made my life worth living, and I think it would be cool if more people wrote about what enriches their lives. It's good to look at something besides dry analogies once in a while.
  4. I'll give it a shot then- haven't really counted my blessings lately...

    Every day I wake up into a miracle, into a world that should not be but is. I go from one miracle of experience to the next, from dreaming to reality- and can only tell the difference because I remember reality and not the dream world.

    I get up out of my bed from this experience only to be surrounded by everything that helps distinguish me- my clothes, my bongs, my family, my car... There is just so much going on in life that I don't even take the time to really look at it all sometimes.

    I look at this world and I see a masterpiece of design, whether it was will or chance it's still the same masterpiece. The trees and grass are just so beautiful as is the water; sparkling as if that's all it's for. I look at the sky and I see an epic painting almost every night. I see the stars in the sky and wonder how far away I'm really looking- I see the wonder of our planet and it blows me away.

    I look at our culture and see nothing but potential, yet day after day I see us work against ourselves. Still, that doesn't take away my ability to work with others.

    I have people that I can trust because they have proven themselves beyond a shadow of a doubt- and likewise I know people I can't trust now because they have proven themselves to be untrustworthy. I am aware through experience, time isn't my enemy as long as it's experience I'm after and not immortality.

    There is a peace and serentity that I feel knowing that I am right where I'm supposed to be, as long as I focus on that and not on what is going wrong.

    My whole life is laid our before me with unlimited possiblities and I don't know what's going to happen next. I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster ride that I've never even seen before.

    That's why I'm the richest man in the world too :hello:
  5. I've been feeling really good lately as love is surrounding me.
    This post made me feel even better.
  6. I tend to only focus on wrong things, but there is a method to my madness; It is this: Once all bad things that can be fixed or dealt with are fixed and/or dealt with, only then will I even think about glancing at the good things. I'm a perfectionist to the fullest, because look at it my way (my twisted logic ;)), if you're not doing it perfectly, or striving to make perfection, then what are you doing? You're just fucking around. Now I know true perfection doesn't exist, I use this information on myself, to my advantage. I strive for perfection because I know it cannot be reached, therefore I am only getting better, infinitely better. I can't stand just sitting on my ass doing nothing anyway, I have to be occupied. How better of a way is there to occupy myself, than striving for the perfection (in all aspects of my life) that I can never reach? I also tend to take a slightly Buddhist outlook on things, with a little socio-pathic twist (I've been told?). A general concept of Buddhism is to pretty much separate yourself from ties to all worldly possessions and whatnot, no attachment = no feeling bad when it's gone. I'm in the process of teaching myself to have the attachment, and when it's gone, simply look back at how happy it made me at one point in time, and be thankful for that, which in-turn balances the negative connotations of losing said article, and teaches true appreciation for happiness. Happiness is the goal, nothing else, though I have found that money and happiness have somewhat of a positive correlation. :)

    Pretty much my outlook/philosophy/whatever on [my] life.

    EDIT - I'll be the richest man in the world, not today though, I still have to work towards it. I know one day when I'm all old and wrinkly I'll be sitting on my porch with a blunt hanging out of my mouth sitting in awe of how happy I have made myself over the course of my life.
  7. I really enjoyed the OP's post, and his outlook on life. I hope one day to be able to maintain an air of such beautiful enlightenment for more than a few days at a time...Until then, I will make the best of what is given to me, and work to find the people, places, and things, that will best keep me in such a state.
    I look back on the times in my life where I can say that I was truely in awe of my situation, and that feeling was so powerful, I am afraid that I may never expirience such a thing again, I don't want to live my life chasing a feeling. One cannot live for the past, only for the future, because the past is gone now, but the future is right here. Right now.
    Some day I will be truely happy, but until that day, I must push forward...
  8. I mean more of like a "marvel at what I've built in my days" kind of thing, I just love that feeling. if you were referring to my post with the 'chasing a feeling' thing. That being said; At least me, personally, I have to be chasing something. If I were to be chasing, say for example a BMW, when I get it, what happens then? Start all over? What would you chase instead?

  9. Nah, i wasent talking about your post, i was really just rambleing a little...Talking about what I dident want to do with my life.
    What I mean by not wanting to chase a feeling, is that I dont want to spend my life going after a feeling that I have expirienced in the past. What I would rather do take each new fealing that I get, and learn to apreciate it for what it is.
    But, blackdahlia, I do sympathize with your looking at the negitive side of things. I feel like I am in the same boat, and at first I thought it very difficult to respond to the original post because I just couldent think positively. But, I work on that, one day at a time...and I would like to think as well that by the time I'm an old man smoking blunts on my porch, I will have come to peace with my life...
  10. But I do have the ability to think positively, I just choose otherwise because right now I see it to be more fitting of its setting.

    BTW: I totally kinda jacked this thread without even realizing it, OP, my bad.
  11. I'm a perfectionist too, I deal with it every day. I'm currently learning to live with "good enough" so I don't drive myself crazy. It aint easy though ;)
  12. I would hate to be sitting on top of the world and forget to look at the view. That's all I'm saying, take a few minutes and remember all that you have done, experiences are the currency of real life, money may buy more things, but money also brings a lot of problems.

    Janis Joplin said it best, freedom is just a word for nothing left to lose. Poverty can be liberating, especially when you consider that your taxes aren't big enough to finance any war machines.

  13. [​IMG]

    I'm the luckiest man in the world because I realize how very precious and fragile life is.

  14. The Chase is the prize, the good we create when we go through the world in an unscripted ballet of the pursuit and realization of our dreams, has the true worth.

    On your death bed, in your final moment, will you want to see all the faces of your loved ones, and remember the beauties of earth, or would you be counting the dollars you'll be leaving behind?

    If you must pursue something for focus, how about an elimination of world hunger? Or a fusion generator, a perpetual motion machine, producing limitless energy and no environmental damage? These things will be, someday, perhaps you might be the one to bring them, if you are in touch with your own inspirations. Strive to achieve beauty, and make it a beauty of truth, no matter how ugly they might get with you when you challenge the status quo.

  15. Man i'm tellin ya, I too feel like the luckiest SOB on the planet Earth,
    Its as if chance, probabilty, and luck have just landed on my tip of the roulette.:p
  16. Why are there all these deleted posts, called unnecessary? This is open to any interpretation, any feedback is welcome, right?
  17. I feel ya on that one. Smoking these good smelling green herbs seems to help from time to time though :wave:.
  18. Medicine Al:

    It's a good day to be alive, brother.

    May peace continue to resound in your life.

  19. amen to that, soooo fucking not cool to delete posts and label thatn unnessesary.. unless they are really fucked up.. to Al i'm really happy for you man, your a good guy and you deserve to be the richest...

  20. I'm not sure either.

    I don't wish to peruse it, though. Because.... well yeah:

    Sorry though, Medicine Al, but I'm going to sit this one out.

    I think it is a lovely outlook you have, though.

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