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    I wanted to create a game that is simple and fun, so be creative. Rhyme with the line before you then continue the thread with a new line for someone else to rhyme with. Let's see how long we can keep it going.

    First post: The stars are twinkling on this chilly night....

    Second poster: I'm smoking my weed and high as a kite.
    Roses are red, violets are blue...

    Third poster: ... (Next poster has to think of something new)

    Who want to be the first to start? 😝
  2. my favourite colors are purple and orange.
  3. I swim laps at the pool with my friend George.

    Orange rhymes with more than people think.
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    Nope. sorry but george does not rhyme with orange.
  6. Sorry to disappoint but I gotta install a door-hinge.

    Pronunciation key let's see if the next poster gets it.
  7. thats two words not one, two words can not rhyme with one word.
  8. One word is two words in one, one word can do rhyme with one worm.

    Rhyming is fun, dont want to hog it, so whos gonna join in the tub?
  9. Tub, tub... Rub a dub a dub :D

    Is there any hope for this thread honey?...

    I don't see anyone but us wanting to sub.

    Jack and Jill went up the hill to have a little fun...

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    Yep! I was very surprised to learn this 😃

    Sure it does... Just watch this and you'll see ... 😏... it's actually a good video!

    Toke up and watch ... Notice: starting after 4:20 seconds 😝

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