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the revised version

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. im back,back agin blah blah bla
    short version on real life (i just wish it wernt mine hehe)
    man., first mistake moving the computer into a bedroom...

    ya'll with kids know what im talkin about....
    lucky is now walking around colored all over with a red permanant markerand i mean ALL over
    picasso got the living room with an inkpen
    and also the little one likes to hang out IN the fridge eating butter whenever possible.
    but the kids are the easy stuff
    watched a couple of close friends get helicopterd in on, their tiny crop confiscated...two cops approach the door holding their find and tell a 13 year old to let his parents know they found marijuana growing in the woods behind their home... the kid and wife knew nothing about it till then. but to show it to a 13yr old. which crime seems worse?.....
    someone very close to me seems to have discovered a keen liking to oxy's..... not good. for those that are thinking its me, it aint :) ive tried them twice a half each time felt terrible puked, felt terrible hated em.
    the problem is much worse than i thought.
    also someone very close to me has the most f'd up thing happining. got pulled over (seems a truck driver called in and said dude wouldnt let the semi pass or some shit)
    my idiot had drank two beers....took the breathilizer passed .089 truck searched, nothing found still miranda rights read or papers stating so ever signed, he just refused to give a urin sample,said he took enuff tests and he was done....shits going all the way to a jury trial. lawyers are expensive.
    and.... my carpenter monkey,well he's very handy :)
    missed ya'll

  2. Sounds like you have alot of things happening around you. Good karma coming your way..

    Welcome back to the family you haven't talkred to for a while.. I'll light this joint and get baked just for you!
  3. HIGH All, jeeeeez HIGHa been having alot of fun lately eh! I can see Lucky walking around with red marker All over him *LOL* definitely picture material no doubt.

    +K out to your ripped O.F.F.F. friends HIGHa...being ripped O.F.F.F. is such a heart renching ordeal it's self and then showing it to the kid. I sit shaking my head.

    Hope this year brings you everything your heart desires and more my friend.
  4. ah,UNOIT! just one of the familiars that always brings me back.
    what i didnt say bout the heli bust was that,that.....they were all very hard worked for hand fed,even,.. an almost ready an they were...mine. what wasnt taken by them was stolen by regular peeps. THIS karma all brought on to the BOYS after piching from someone elses hard workerd on goods, found several miles in deep public woods.....I TOLD THEM NOT TO DO IT!!!!! even tho they didnt take it all they took some. and again i warned them. you see i have learned my lessons all the hard way.
    so last years season sucked,sucked,sucked. and so does the high priced crap being peddled around. I am now a official "pot snob" cant help it but darn that shit'll give ya a headache and id just rather not smoke at all...(never thought id say that :))

    p.s. early june ive been roped into a flight to washington, mt rainier an a roadtrip thru the very least i shall try to find your 'pussy' beer and toast ya and your wild countryside.
    oh yea p.s.s my "friends" trial is 9am tomorow for this i do need all the good thoughts and wishes. mans been driving for a liveing 17 years and has a perfect driving record., not even a stain....although THis small fact cannot be brought up to a jury of our "peers" eek.
    i too hope this year brings me my hearsts desires........
    thanks for the warm welcome back
  5. Good luck and good karma sent to the little indian dude.
  6. HIGH All, sorry to hear it was your babies that got ripped HIGHa. The kids were out of line and unfortunately it was you that got hurt my friend.
    I hope you reamed them out...some people kill for their little ones and or put up some dangerous traps ie: fish hooks and other nasties. I hate pot snobs *LOL* I wish I could help you out.

    Coming to CANADA eh!! Hop on board the Ferry in Washington and hit Vancouver Island first and visit our Capital Victoria. It' one of the most beautiful Cities I been to.

    You be carefull drinking Wildcat it's a potent beer (6.1%acl.). Hope you have a great time up here HIGHa.

    Are you doing (roadtrip) our whole Country?

    Sorry HIGHa had to come back and put roadtrip in ( ) it didn't sound right.

    GREAT to see you back kid!!!
  7. Just when you think things can't get worse, sending some good mj mojo your way higha.[​IMG]

    lol@little indian dude
  9. Catching up a lil' late here.

    Hope things worked out decent for the friends.

    Roadtrip would be nice. I'd go far away from winter if I could get outta here for awhile!

    Nice to see you hanging around again!

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