The result of a massive experiment

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  1. Imagine if aliens landed on earth tomorrow and explained to the human race that they created us as part of a massive experiment. What do you think would happen to our world that we live in if we discovered that we were nothing but machines made by an alien race?
  2. I have actually thought about this a lot. it is amazing how our DNA appears to be designed. i have also thought that it is very interesting how throughout our planets history, so many things point to the existence of aliens. there are paintings around the world of aliens in caves that were created long before these areas could communicate, but still the UFOs and aliens are drawn similar.

    i wish i could find a link that explained it better, but this is a crop circle created by putting the numbers 23 and 73 in the binary code. they know this because those numbers are prime therefore they are the only possible dimensions. its some REALLY crazy shit that our numbers could do that if you think about it.
  3. But the argument would then go "who created them?" Thus, if they had a god, we would still be an invention of God as they were an invention of God.

    DNA, the solar system, atoms and their relationships are all questions. They are systems and they are also so interdependent that it would be hard to argue that the universe isn't conscious. After the big bang, there were no atoms, atoms were created and all of what physics and chemistry has taught us was created. If any one of these things didn't happen, for instance the ability for hydrogen and oxygen to combine to form water, we would have never existed. You could argue it was all random, but even the fact that life and consciousness were even possible to exist, makes me question the randomness.
  4. I think you are thinking too deeply on the subject. I simply mean, what would be the social implications if we were to learn that we are nothing but machines that got out of hand. What effect would that have on us and the rest of the planet?
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    Eventually we'd learn to deal with it and even appreciate life and the universe with a greater more fulfilled understanding.

    We would spend billions to perfect space flight, perhaps the human race will come together and finally form a singular governing body, a one government where all the planets recourses are centralised, capitalism will cease, we'd build a bigger better stronger global defence system, and most of us, would think the aliens are some gods incarnate - which would reshape religion as we know it for years to come

    And, if they come in peace, i'd blaze the herb with some of em or show em what shrooming's like :smoke:

    Then i'd ask em to bring some of their stuff

    Then we could all get stoned together and talk about space and stuff.

    Yeaaaa :smoking:
  6. what if they didn't come in peace? like, mass human genocide? if that were to happen, would that be part of God's plan?

  7. Everything is god's plan my brother, in Heaven - it'd be the latest action franchise

    "Star Wars"
  8. If you believe in God, then yes.

    If you don't, then it would just be something else that doesn't make sense in a world that doesn't make sense.

    Why would a culture visit earth just to destroy it? I think if they were advanced enough for space/time travel, they would be advanced enough to overcome their natural tendencies for destruction and chaos. This is pure speculation though, they might enjoy hunting us like Predator...

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