The Resident Evil Thread

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  1. Resident Evil Operation Racoon City came out recently and as a big RE fan i was disappointed with it. Resident Evil 6 is coming out in the fall to I hope that it isn't bad like Resident Evil 5. My favorite Resident Evil is 2 but I think 1,3, and Code Veronica were up there to. Anyone ever play any of the old Resident Evils while your high? its epic haha especially at night in a good atnosphere. Any other RE fans on Grasscity? of so share your experiences with it and feel free to talk about anythin RE:smoke:

    By the way my favorite character is Wesker hes the man:cool: shame they made him die in 5
  2. Resident evil 4 is easily the best one if the series
  3. The gamecube remake of the original, RE4 and RE2 are my favs in the series... and yeah, playing them high back in the day was fun, could really get immersed in the whole atmosphere more.

    Hopefully RE6 will wipe away the bad memories of RE5, one of the worst games I've ever played.
  4. I fuckin loved resident evil nemesis!!! Come on now how is that no ones top fav! Shit was scary
  5. RE2 was the tits. It basically put the ambient horror of the first game into a city. Back in that day, creating scares in a "open" environment like that was unique to me.

    Second, but no less awe inspiring was 4. Sometimes all you could do was unload and hope that was your best option. If not, the shotgun usually came in handy. :)
  6. yeah i tought the Res evil ORC was kind of lame. this one was very glitchy controls were slow as balls. the whole thing just seemed rushed to me
  7. I read an article recently where the director of RE said that based on the action-shooter sales here in the west, that action outsells survival horror, and that that was somewhat the approach they wanted to make. I hope he's talked out of that though. Not in my Resident Evil!

    Resident Evil 4 on the Wii was my favorite, followed by REmake on the Gamecube, despite the controls. Honorable mention RE2.
  8. i like the RE2 it use to scare the shit out of me manily the doors opening slow and not knowing what you are gonna walk into but the RE movies suck i mean they had the perfect platform and brought alice in with super powers and thounsands of clones like and the new one coming up its like they are not trying to scare you just lots of guns and shooting
  9. I loved 3 and 4. I didn't mind 5 too much either.. it was fun but just didn't feel like RE
  10. Used to, re5 was a huge piece of shit.

    Ill DL the demo for 6, but not expecting anything worthwhile.
  11. RE 4 is probably in my top five games of all time, RE 5 was a letdown but with two people and modded weapons I found it very enjoyable.

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