The Relay

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  1. We run a relay

    We pass the baton from generation to generation, not for self glorification but for human achievement, for the human blood as a whole... Evil is the man who denies posterity, for he insults the progenitors of his past, and slaughters the hopes of his fore-fathers.

    Though in times past, great civilations we tempted, and to lay claim to supremacy, to claim mastery and to stamp their mighty foot on time. From Sumer, even to Babylon, Greece to Persia, Rome and Egypt... all believed and embraced supremecy, that time spins its wheel on axis. But it was not to be so...

    "Oh The shere folly of these mortals!" Plato.
    For time new, splendour, greatness, and glory were only illusions, illusions of time. only tenants in a passing tide... the slow tick of the swing on heisious' pendulum of which we cannot stop, of which we cannot slow , it and she will simply be...

    She is the sculpure of the ages, the moulder of our clay, she is the shaper of , and the framer of the cosmos, shes' seen aeons and many moons pass, before she has lain hold to rest. in order to cease the journey, and give her final gift unto mortals, immortality...

    We are then ants to these eternal gods! these deities which are mightier than we, the raging forces of nature, the restless swirling of change, the indiference of time... all is indiference.

    Celestial bullies are these ancient wonders... no wonder men of old time bowed the knee unto you. and adorned you with cloakes of divinity, for thou... art beyond us.

    Indiferece... Time is indiferent, nature is indiferent, the cosmos is indiferent, change is the is the only constant and beaty, its the only spice of life, the shere unpredictabilty, probabilty and inconsistency she gives is the equisimal of life ... it seems these divine forces we ride the back on must wager the garments of our lives in order to play the dice...

    Are we not inferiour to you? are we not your offspring? are we not the work of your hands? Behold, we seek you, that we may know you, to find you and to be found in you. what we seek... is a champion.

    But alas! we are alone, we must take to our own affairs - for this champion, seems nowhere to be found...
  2. Amazing writing g0ph, loved the end part! :hello: I know just how you feel!
  3. Thanks alot Mr.GoodStuff
    Apreciate it man. :cool:
  4. 1. All actions derive from underlying reasons and principles.
    2. Certain courses of actions are chosen over others through the prioritising of reason, and this prioritisation is done on the basis of perceived benefits, which is in turn based on personal beliefs

    Scenario, E.g. The shortsighted guy
    - He can choose to cheat in tests or study in advance in order to score better results and to appease his parents so that they can buy him that new car.
    - He'l choose to cheat because he wants to play more computer games at home. He finds playing games fun and derives pleasure from doing so.
    - It is safe to cheat because the teacher is a old woman who is too overly trusting and his smart best friend sits next to him in class, so even though he knows it is wrong, he prefers to cheat than to be a good boy and study like everyone else.
    - Cheating will eventually make him feel happy

    E.g. The longsighted guy
    - "He chooses to study for his upcoming examinations because it affects his entrance to university
    - Entering university is a route to a successful career
    - A successful career can provide him with a satisfactory livelihood and an enjoyable life
    - Despite all the hard ships he may need to go through, if he eventually succeeds in life, He will be happy

    E.g. The spontaneous savior
    - He, a fireman, will enter that burning building and save the child from the second story.
    - Saving the child means that he will have done a good deed
    - If he has done a good deed, he will feel happy

    3. Benefits are perceived to lead to eventual happiness and thus, lead to contentment regarding how we live our lives
    4. All actions are taken with a goal of contentment in life
    5. All human actions stem from a goal of achieving a state of contentment


    C. Contentment is the ultimate goal of all humans.
  5. All life lies in an equation, a code, a number, a digit.
    Everything is connected to a decimal, or an equation...

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