The Rejects Club

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  1. How about a hall of fame for the outcasts? If you're like me, you've been voted off every island you ever washed up on.

    Ever been jilted in love? Fired from a good job, for no good reason? Ever gotten a rejection notice, had your idea voted down, or your dignity denied by a cruel and uncaring fate?

    Ever been thrown out of a nightclub? Been Ex-communicated from your church? Ever have your bud connection get pissed at you and refuse your business?

    Meeeeeeeeeeeeee toooooooooooooooo.....

    If you're like me, a reject from normal society, love, employment, fame, fortune, acceptance on any level really, then you qualify to join.

    THE REJECTS CLUB!!!!!! All refuse, all the time!!!!

    Just fill in the blank in the following sentence;

    " I am a Reject, because_________(fill in story)________________".

    I am a reject because I stayed up all night studying, and I still flunked my drug test.:smoking:
  2. I am a reject, I was kicked out of the State Fairgounds, for being seen smoking a joint on the Sky-Ride.

    The cop who saw us from the ground asked what the hell we we're doing, and I just said, "trying to get HIGHER!". They escorted us to the gate, and kicked us out rudely,but we had no more weed, so they could not arrest us.
  3. "I am a Reject, because I smoke A Le Mota, and the general brainwashed propagandad society, that we call america, cannot accept my ill-mannered, non-conformist, activity".
  4. I am a reject from romance, my first wife turned lesbian, left me and joined a cult. A cult of heroin trafficking man-haters. With Crewcuts, and pistols, and motorcycles, and a huge case of gal-balls. I lost her to a chick named 'Clamp', who looked like she could give skinny lessons to Paris hilton, who's currently doing 25 to life, for subsequently killing a different girlfriend.

    Sometimes, it's hard to think I could've lost out on a catch like that.(not);)
  5. I am a reject, for being kicked off the high school basketball team, for flipping off some bitch parent who was taunting me first, during a heated interdivisional rivalry game. She said something about my ugly 'biscuit-head' and I flipped her off in front of the entire student body. Suspended. Rejected.
  6. I am a reject because I have been pushed around since I was 5.
  7. I'm a reject because I just bought a new bowl but I have no weed to smoke out of it. :(
  8. I'm a reject because I am one of 2 people in the entire school who listens to reggae frequently.

    I'm a reject also because I could have been 1 of 2 sophmores on the varsity football team and I turned it down...
  9. I'm a reject b/c I spent $90,000 for a med school degree and have been fired from 3 of 4 jobs, so far. I had never been fired from any job prior to this.
    I'm a reject b/c I believe cannabis is medicine, and i get no respect from the traditional medical community.
    I'm a reject b/c my philosophical beliefs go against the general populace.
    I'm a reject b/c I don't give a rat's ass for what most ppl adore: shopping, clothes, malls, action movies, bluecollar comedy crap. . .things.
  10. i am a reject uz i gots the itchy feet...i cant seem to ever settle down, as soo as i tart to feel content, i go away...this doesnt fit well i most relationships marking me as a "heart breaker", evn if i offer them to come can suck being a gypsy yah kno
  11. I am a reject in love because my first fiancee left me 2 days before the wedding for my cousin.
  12. ^^^ wow thats some family rite there, i woulda beat the fuck outta them
  13. I am a reject because my band once got thrown off the stage in LA, during a punk rock concert at the old Park Hotel, many years ago.
    Not because people didn't like us, mind you, but because this crazy guy who we let hang out with us because he was a competent roadie, backstage had called the promoter of the show, a ' Toothless Cunt '.
    She ordered the soundman to cut stage power, right in the middle of our best song...which was funny, because the audience thought we did it on purpose...but it was a very rejected feeling. We thought we were getting kicked off for another reason!
  14. im a reject because i always wait too long to make a move
  15. Sorry to break the chain, but I don't think I've been rejected from very much, at least not anything I really wanted. I've definitely been rejected regarding a lot of stuff but nothing biig.

  16. Then you are rejected from the Rejects Club...thusly making you a member!:D

    Next story of rejection?....C'mon, I know how society loves to throw stoners out, let's hear it, my fellow pariahs!

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