The region: You still don’t understand Islamism, do you?

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  1. \tAmerican policymakers still don't understand that nice words have not changed anything.
    Thoughts? Agree or disagree?
    Personally, this op-ed does reveal a certain truth, in which the west has been largely ignoring for far too long. All peace talks with Islamist governments have ended up failing (Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, 1979 Revolution Qaddafi,Syria post-civil war, etc...). 
    The West is playing very naive towards this issue; peace cannot be achieved when dealing with such governments.
    PLEASE keep discussion civilized and on topic. PLEASE.
  2. Huzzah! Another dilla thread bashing Muslims! Just what this forum needed. ::rolleyes:

    Honestly, how much do they pay you to be the shill you are?
  3. we need a separate Israel, Palestine, Muslim forum..
    it's fucking out of hand in here..

  4. " peace cannot be achieved when dealing with such governments."
     You mean the American government right? It's none of our business but we constantly make it ours. It's religiously driven because of holy land from what I understand , and it's also driven by some extremist groups, but the general population of the Muslim people are peaceful. They don't want the violence , they aren't the problem. It's the jihadists ( holy fighters) that get things messed up. They feel as if whatever lands Israel is sitting on belongs to them and they will fight for it. I don't think things would be as bad as they are honestly if America just would have stayed out of it. It is there mess , they need to clean it up. They don't need us bombing them as much as we don't need our troops going out there and dying for a fight that was never ours.

    And will people shut up about 9/11? For fucks sake. Do your research , learn who was behind it. And stop blaming Muslims , Islam , al Qaeda, Allah , the Quran , and etc . When the real problem is right at home .@[member="J-DILLA"]
  5. you do tireless work trying to keep down any possibility of peace.  you must be breathless by now.
  6. First four comments and three of them immediately dishing out the ad-hominem.
    Makes you wonder who the real "shills" are....
    I'm talking about Islamic theocracies running countries; nothing to do with Islam in its most basic form.  Is it somehow offensive to criticize Islamic theocracies for their lack of willingness to make peace?
    Oh boy! Please do tell me who was behind 9/11.
  8. classic thread in the making
    Makes you wonder if there are shills active in this forum, with the sole purpose of burying threads in which their political/religious ideologies do not agree with. :confused:
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    I agree their government shouldn't be based of their religion because it keeps the from progressing somewhat. But when you have a situation like Egypt And you put in a democratic president that brings nothing but corruption and makes Egypt protest against him , I believe that's no better. But then again I always say it's none of our business because we don't live there and don't go through what they do every single day. The Muslim people are very religious , but what I see by watching documentaries it's hat even they want some kind of separation from church and stage since the populations of their countries varies from Islam to Christianity, it causes tension.

    I'm just going to leave the 9/11 thing alone , dont feel like talking about it
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    You think criticism of Islam is now Islamophobia? 
    You're fucking around with me, right?
  12. Oh please do name it.
    You do realize Egypt was more stable and peaceful during the non-Islamic Hosni's rein, as opposed to during the fiasco in which the "democratically" elected Islamic Muslim Brotherhood came into power and then out, right?
    Where is this occurring? 
    So why even mention it in your argument to begin with?
  14. Talking about mohamad morsi

    Muslim people want peace , it's not a secret . If you watch voices of Iraq you'll see this. Common civilians do want democracy because they believe it will allow them to escape the violence. That's why I said "somewhat".

    And I thought I was down for a 9/11 discussion , but I'm on my iPad and really don't feel like compiling the evidence. So just disregard that.
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    Yes. One of the examples that shows dealing with Islamic-run states is futile.
    It's not the common Muslim man that seeks hatred and blood, but rather the governments of those people, who have been raised with many Islamic restrictions on media, communications, etc.
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    Yes I agree. You don't seem islamaphobic to me .
  17. Islam, like nearly every other religion on the planet, should be purged with a vengeance.  I don't mean kill people or take away freedom to worship as they please, but humanity seriously needs to get to a place where people keep their stupid beliefs to themselves.  Admitting you follow a religion blindly should be as embarrassing as admitting you shit your pants on purpose because you like squishy shorts.  Personally, I'm a bit tired of so many fucktards on the planet ruining life in general for everything else.
  18. The question has never been weather or not terrorists exist.Its why and what to do about itSent from my LG-E739 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  19. I honestly think it's mainly our government messing up peace talks. Then they spew out some propaganda on how crazy everyone is in the country.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  20. Bomb Iran Guise!

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