The Red Eyes Grow journal (first grow) :-)

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    hey fellow growers any input, advice, opinions (good or bad) are welcome im a complete noob and any help would be apreciated.
    strain : chemdog from ghs,
    growing medium: mushroom compost
    lighting: 400w hps
    i germinated a seed in wet tissue only took about 24hours for taproot to emerge. planted into pre saturated 4" pot
    avg temp - 26c, humidity 43% light 18" away
    day1- above ground got to one 1cm stil had seed shell attached
    day2- 1" tall still had seed shell on preventing first leaves from opening
    day3- i gently removed seed shell and gently picked off the film leftover also preventing leaves opening
    day4- 1.5" tall true leaves coming thru
    day5- 2" tall true leaves same size as first leaves
    day 6- 2.5" tall
    day 7-3" tall stil no new leaves
    day 8- 3"tall no new leaves
    day 9- 3" tall no new leaves coming thru
    day 10- 3" tall 2 sets of leaves coming thru/transplanted to 10" pot and watered
    day 11- 3.5" tall leaves curling down and look abit more pale
    and here are some pics of her up until now 

  2. in the last 2 pics u can see the leaves are curling down...anyone no y?

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  3. day 14
    she's 4" tall lots of new growth up top but still not looking healthy :-( leaf tips still curling down and now the sides of those leaves are curling up, looks like she's dying or sumat from the over watering, havent watered since day 10 either n inch down soil stil moist and pot feels heavy           

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  4. i have been trying to up humidity with no luck, i done damp towel bowls of water sitting in there and it hasnt got any nhigher than 46 :-(
    and as for the mushroom compost i bought it from a garage up the road cuz didnt wana wait for the gd shit to get delivered lol 
    the bbiobizz light mix gt delivered just now so hopefully it wil b an improvment 
  5. i have been worried bout the hygrometer not working proply, just cuza how cheap it was lol
  6. day 15 still looks like shit 

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  7. How often are you watering? And did you switch soils?

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  8. i was watering way to much to start. havent watered her since day 10 and now it s day 15, 
    no not yet guna transplant into 15litre pot tomoro, so the fresh soil will b biobizz lightmix
  9. Day 17 still not looking good :-( still havent watered ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413462989.736727.jpg

    The Red Eyes Grow journal (first grow) :)
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    Damn that soil looks crazy dry give it something. Have you transplanting yet?
  11. Only the top inch is dry. Under top inch is stil moist. Still think i should water?. I think the problem with this one is really bad drainage cuza the shitty mushroom compost it just wont dry out

    The Red Eyes Grow journal (first grow) :)
    And no havent transplanted havent been out to buy a bigger pot yet

    The Red Eyes Grow journal (first grow) :)
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    Oh O'k maybe pick up some plant magic soil for when you transplant. It's cheap as fuck! What size pot will you transplant to? I like this shop they ship fast and my local garden shop is crazy expensive plus I don't really look like a horticulturist lol.
  13. i got some biobizz light mix guna give this a try first, its in a 7litre pot atmo was guna transplant into a 15 litre..sound ok? ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413465705.113473.jpg

    The Red Eyes Grow journal (first grow) :)
  14. I'm using biobizz all mix now & house and garden bat special!

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