The Reconciliation of Quantum Physics and Relativity

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  1. Here I am going to discuss a Mathematically sound system for organizing all Energy in the Universe. The numerological layout incorporates both a relativistic 'field' and an absolute 'field.' Relativistic Energy can be expressed in terms of increasing velocity(E=mc^2), which resonates with frequency, and it is numerologically sound to make this a base 4 system, for reasons to be explained later. Absolute space-time is defined in terms of quanta. I should make it clear what is meant by 'quantum,' to avoid misunderstanding. Quantum physics implies discrete units, as opposed to the continuous systems of classical thought.

    Every point in absolute space, every ‘quantum,' has polar relationships surrounding it in multi-dimensional space-time. All quanta existing in absolute space/time thus equals 0 in relative space/time, due to the self-equalizing nature of polarity.

    Thus we can describe the relationship between a quantum and a relativistic field by: Q(as E  0)=Infinity; this has a corollary, in that Q(as Einfinity)=0

    Thus we can demonstrate a relationship between relativity and the quantum world, in that absolute Energy approaches infinity simultaneously with the approach of the zero-point of a quantum. The corollary implied by this is that as you approach the zero-point of absolute Energy, you approach infinity. Given the impossibility of drawing a mathematical model of infinite space/time, we define this space in terms of 8 quantum levels. Each of these levels is anchored by an equalized polar relationship. That is to say the Energy of the polar-ends is equivalent, and therefore creates a zero-point.

    Therefore, the first system of relativistic 1-3 Energy occurs at any Quantum rate according to three anchor-points for relativity to occur in any dimension of space/time. We define eight quantum levels. This numerologically resonates with the 8 levels of Energy defined in the Periodic Table of Elements. Those 8 Elements also happened to be modeled horizontally, as in this model. Given eight quantum levels, Quanta are defined in terms of a base 9 number system.

    We can systematically relate this system of 24 Elements(quantum/relativistic entanglements/attractors) as such:

    1-3 -- 2-3 -- 3-3 -- 4-3 -- 5-3 -- 6-3 -- 7-3 -- 8-3
    1-2 -- 2-2 -- 3-2 -- 4-2 -- 5-2 -- 6-2 -- 7-2 -- 8-2
    1-1 -- 2-2 -- 3-1 -- 4-1 -- 5-1 -- 6-1 -- 7-1 -- 8-1

    This basic format defines can define any number of relationships between the Elements, due to its symmetry.

    The higher vertical row defines the highest relativistic Energy level(E3), the lowest defining the equal and opposite Energy level(E1). The middle-point between these two creates a zero-point in relative space(E2). As you approach the 8th Quantum, you approach infinite absolute Energy, due to the fact that absolute Energy increases in proportion to Quantum level. As you approach the 1st Quantum, you approach zero absolute Energy. Thus 0 Energy and infinite Energy can be seen to be a polar/symmetrical force driving the existence of both quantum and relativistic states in the first place.

    0 and Infinite relative energy attractor-points define/create relative space, and 0 and infinite absolute energy-attractor points define/create absolute space. Thus Energy always remains equal through all dimensions in both relative space/time and absolute space/time. Energy balances through polarity at a quantum, and Energy balances by an infinity attractor-point and a zero attractor-point.

    I believe the implications of this are tremendous. I have really been working out some implications the last few days, just now coming up with some formal mathematical notation.
  2. Just a thought, this is a science forum, you might want to leave numerology out of future posts as it's fantasy.

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    I'm only referring to number of units in an organized system, which can be related in predictable ways, due to its organizational quality.
  4. Then you might want to avoid using the term numerology, as your above statement bears no relationship to the meaning of the word in your OP.

    Nothing 'numerologically resonates' with anything as you claim. It isn't 'numerologically sound' to treat a system as a base four construct without a reason as you have chosen to do. You are, as numerology does, dicking around with numbers to give a desired result. Try using real scinece and show the same result, there is no reason why you should not be able to do that if yor premise is correct.

    As you may remember from our previous discussions I study QM, none of your statements make any sense, particularly things like the below:.

    "...This numerologically resonates with the 8 levels of Energy defined in the Periodic Table of Elements. Those 8 Elements also happened to be modeled horizontally, as in this model. Given eight quantum levels, Quanta are defined in terms of a base 9 number system...."

    There is no evidence that there are 8 quantum levels or that they should be defined in a base 9 number system. Unfortunately the rest of the post has no meaning either.

    "...As you approach the 8th Quantum, you approach infinite absolute Energy, due to the fact that absolute Energy increases in proportion to Quantum level...."

    Please explain in real scientific terms and give a reputable source.

    Now the OP title. In what way do you think they haven't already been reconciled? Both work, both are valid at the level they are intended for, both are used quite happily together in science, particularly chemistry, to predict and explain phenomena. Why do you think that there is anythng that needs to be 'reconciled?

    Anyone is of course welcome to post any theories they may wish to, but it is best if they're based on a proper understanding of the subject matter.

  5. I concur...

    Wait , what the fucks goin on?
  6. Scientists dont get mad when there ideas are critisized they use the critisism to improve their idea.
  7. :) To say that you are completely wrong is pedantic? To say that you make up your own terms, own science, is pedantic? Why did you think you could get away with posting it in a science forum, didn't you expect this?

    But I get the feeling that you've read so many woo books that talk in this psuedo-scientific way that you're giving it a shot yourself to see if you can get away with it here. You can't.

  8. I used to try and "do science" like this but then I realized most ideas I was having were posited back in the 1700's and people had been working on them for the last 300 years and in most cases taken it to a level where the only way to comprehend it is to read everything that lead to those conclusions and litteraly go back through the history of the idea and find the places where something was disproved to see why exactly the new idea is better and why the old one failed.

    "Failure is the great teacher" - Dr Pulaski of Star Trek: The next Generation

    (lol i don't really think thats the original source for that quote but STTNG used it in an episode I just watched)
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    Think of this in terms of Information Science, particularly computer programming. In that context, it could be written something like this. This is computer like formatting; specific language is not particularly important with programming, just pure information/concepts. Let letters represent variables, words/phrases represent descriptions.

    Quantum(Discrete Energy Level/Shell) = 'Essence' = Q
    Q = 1-8
    Relative-Energy Strength= Space/Time location/orientation= 'To the Order of' = E
    E = 1-3
    Input Q
    IF Case (Q-value)
    Then Case (E-value)
    Element-Description = D = 1-24

    This is a decent description. The quanta/absolute position, quantum energy shell, is defined by Q, and has possible values 1-8. The Relative-Energy position, "relative space/time," is defined by E. Individual inputs Q-value(1-8), which prompts a 1-3 E-value. Once Q value and E value is inputted, the given Element is defined. Everything in the universe and space/time is represented by one of those 24 values, according to this model.
  10. What eight quantum levels, what eight energy levels in the periodic table, and what corresponding eight elements? I think I agree with Melt on this thread...
  11. Here's a more clear description of the model. This uses less scientific terminology, more towards psychology, as well as utilizing certain spiritual symbols. This will help anyone interested in understanding the system. It also demonstrates the implications, that this applies to virtually all things:

    The basic formula of this pattern was given by Timothy Leary in his 8-circuit model of consciousness. It fits in very nicely with the pattern of the I-Ching, so I mention the tri-grams under the energy-types to help you interpret that, if you so wish. The 8 energy types represent the 8 horizontal rows of the I Ching, moving from top to bottom. The 3 'intensity-levels' track the progression of these energy types through the horizontal row, from left to right. The essential theory behind all of this fits in very well with McKenna's timewave zero formula. This pattern can be used to define all different 'types' of people, objects, and process. It can also be used to track every individual and society's evolution over time. Every point in space and time can be located using this formula.

    First I must give a brief explanation for what the 24 elements are. They describe the 'essences' of all processes and objects in the universe. There are eight different energy types, each one in a progressively higher 'essential' Energy level. Within each essential Energy level are three slots for 'relative' energy intensities. Here the Energy type progresses from lowest Energy to highest Energy. The Elements are further described using the Tarot deck, as well as general descriptions.

    These 24 elements, 8 by 3, represent the sequential evolution of both the individual and the species. There are 8 fundamental stages over time, sub-divided into three sections. Let this be called 'temporal caste.' They also represent the 24 individual object-types. Let this be called 'structural caste.'

    The 8 essential Energy types are labeled by A-H
    The 3 relative Energy types are labeled by 1-3

    Essential Energy: A
    Oral-Comfort; Taoist Trigram: Earth
    Relative Intensity
    1: A-1, low-Level Type-A Energy; Tarot: Fool
    2: A-2, mid-level Type-A Energy; Tarot: Magician
    3: A-3, high-level Type_A Energy; Tarot: Hierophant
    Relative Intensity: B
    Anal-Muscular-Dominant; Taoist Trigram: Thunder
    Relative Intensity
    1: B-1, low-Level Type-B Energy; Tarot: High Priestess";
    2: B-2, mid-level Type-B Energy; Tarot: Emperor";
    3: B-3, high-level Type-B Energy; Tarot: Empress";

    Essential Energy: C
    Clever-Innocent Pre-Adolescent; Taoist Trigram: Wind
    Relative Intensity
    1: C-1, low-Level Type-C Energy; Tarot: Lovers
    2: C-2, mid-level Type-C Energy; Tarot: Chariot
    3: C-3, high-level Type-C Energy; Tarot: Strength

    Essential Energy: D
    Social/Sexual; Taoist Trigram: Mountain
    Relative Intensity
    1: D-1, low-Level Type-D Energy; Tarot: Hermit
    2: D-2, mid-level Type-D Energy; Tarot: Fortune
    3: D-3, high-level Type_D Energy; Tarot: Justice

    Essential Element E
    Sexual/Sensual; Taoist Trigram: Fire
    Relative Intensity
    1: E-1; low-Level Type-E Energy; Tarot: Hanging Man
    2: E-2; mid-level Type-E Energy; Tarot: Death
    3: E-3; high-level Type_E Energy; Tarot: Temperance

    Essential Element F
    Electric/Electronic; Taoist Trigram: Water
    Relative Intensity
    1: F-1, low-Level Type-F Energy; Tarot: Devil
    2: F-2, mid-level Type-E Energy; Tarot: Tower
    3: F-3, high-level Type_E Energy; Tarot: Star

    Essential Element G
    G == Genetic/Collective-Unconscious; Taoist Trigram: Lake";
    Relative Intensity
    1: G-1, low-Level Type-F Energy; Tarot: Moon
    2: G-2, mid-level Type-F Energy; Tarot: Sun
    3: G-3, high-level Type-F Energy; Tarot: Judgment

    Essential Element H
    Non-Local Elements; Taoist Trigram: Heaven";
    Relative Intensity
    1: H-1, low-Level Type-H Energy; Tarot: Non-Existent, call it 'Singularity/Star-Maker'
    2: H-2, mid-level Type-H Energy; Tarot: Universe
    3: H-3, high-level Type_H Energy; Tarot: Non-Existent, call it 'Black Hole'

    This can be expounded upon infinitely, for all things.
  12. This doesn't seem like a reconciliation, this just seems like matching up Tarot cards to a fabricated numbering system? I'm extremely confused...
  13. Well, that was stated in a more generalized sense, as opposed to specifically centered around the ideas of 'physics.' The principles could be re-stated using physical terminology, as well. I was sharing that ^^ cuz I wrote it as a more generalized explanation of the pattern. Tarot/I Ching are merely symbols, symbolically representing concepts/ideas. Understanding each element only comes through understanding the pattern, and when you understand the pattern it can be applied to anything.
  14. I'm just not seeing how this all meshes together, on any level.
  15. It would be difficult to 'get it' right away, since it is a pattern designed to be able to incorporate all information. Therefore, you can't 'really' or fully understand it by just reading about it.
  16. To reroute traffic from the trodden path of traditional physics onto a new road paved with Tarot cards and Timothy Leary ideology, you'd better come up with a more concise and digestible synopsis for your blockbuster theory because I'm really not buying it, sorry.
  17. Not one word of that made any sense at all. You seriously want us to think that a theory based on the Tarot and I-Ching has any value in the real world? What planet are you on?

    It would be difficult to 'get it' right away, since it is a pattern designed to be able to incorporate all information. Therefore, you can't 'really' or fully understand it by just reading about it.

    Ahhh, the old 'if you don't agree you don't understand' ploy. Bull.

    Even in the world of woo this is staggeringly silly.

  18. OP might you try explaining this a little more clearly starting with an objective of what you are trying to show and how you had these ideas and how you reached your conclusions? If you are speaking too complexly for anyone on these forums to understand then can you state it a little more simpler?
  19. What?

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