The recession is over! Let's celebrate!

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  1. Anti-austerity protests sweep across Europe - Yahoo! News

    More protests in Europe over these government takeovers of businesses, businesses that the people despise.

    See, I was under the impression that Europeans liked government subsidized business? Apparently not when it doesn't benefit them. I'm glad to see so many people protesting against these acts of monstrosity this long after they have happened. This time hopefully the people will not forget. We need to start doing this shit here, because we need to make sure that we don't forget, either.
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    It's over? Great! Wait.. aren't I supposed to get a free job or something now?

    On a side note, 'IsItLegalYet', I don't agree with that MLK quote.
  3. How so?
  4. unemployment around 10%....silver and gold rising like hell since the late 08...the economy is not doing any better at the moment imo...
  5. The real unemployment number is likely much worse since that commonly quoted stat (called the U-6) only measures the amount of people ELIGIBLE for unemployment benefits, not the actual number of people out of work who otherwise would be working.
  6. bottomline is, dont pop the cork yet.....:smoke:
  7. Especially if you live in Ireland.
  8. Ireland is supposed to be one of the new euro powerhouses when it comes to business though...i guess it was hit really hard, being a very aggressive economy and all that...
  9. I don't think someone has a moral responsibility to break unjust laws. Like, if you deem cannabis prohibition as an unjust law, is someone not smoking weed not fulfilling their moral responsibilities?

  10. thats very small minded. its not about unjust laws being unjust because they arent for you, its about laws being unjust because they are simply not right for anyone.

    for example, black kids not being able to get the same education as whites simply because of the color of their skin.

    or sitting in the back of the bus because of it, these are unjust laws, ones that should be fought against.

  11. Ireland is super fucked...:(

    Lack of regulation in the financial sector led to the banks going bonkers and throwing money at developers etc...

    Mega property pyramid scheme ensued..

    Government bailed out the banks to protect international bond holders..
  12. Do you believe cannabis prohibition is unjust?
  13. 25% minimum cuts by next year in the UK. Anyone that has managed a budget knows that that level of cuts is virtually impossible to implement in such a short timetable as they are talking about.

    10% unemployment here we come.
  14. i also dont agree with the MLK quote, i believe that it is itself a small-minded quote. Not recognizing that everyone has their own perspective is not only selfish but idiotic. If a few people thought that the murder laws were unjust and started bombing stuff this quote basically tells them they have a responsibility to bomb shtuff. They certainly wouldn't have gotten far though, lol. Not to mention why the quote is a problem for Marijuana legalisation, the quote also implies that people have to protect laws they think are just, meaning marijuana should still be illegal because the majority think its unjust....stupid quote when not applied to black rights
  15. The answer lies in the fact that there are two types of laws: just and unjust.

    These are not the laws which you believe are just or unjust. These are not the laws the majority believes are just or unjust. These are the laws which are, regardless of anyone's opinion, just or unjust.

    There is nothing wrong with breaking an unjust law, or following a just law. Lead by example, especially if you want to change the opinions of people. Do you think the legalization movement for marijuana would have anywhere near the momentum it did if people did not break such an unjust law? I can certainly assure you that it would not.
  16. This is exactly my point. If you cannabis prohibition is unjust, then you're saying that everyone on this earth has a moral responsibility to smoke cannabis, just because it's unjust. Someone doesn't have a moral responsibility to do it, however, they can if they wish, but they shouldn't be frowned upon for not partaking.

    Taxes are unjust, but we don't have a moral responsibility not to pay them because if we don't, our freedom is placed in jeopardy.
  17. Without taxes shitty roads > your car deteriorates faster > you pay to replace parts more > you lose money anyways. Taxes that give money to people who are able bodied lazytards are unjust. Shades of gray. MLK quote is about supporting the cause.
  18. Really?

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