The reasons behind certain actions, personality traits, &c.

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  1. do any of you try and figure out why you do certain things? like.. the psychology behind your actions?

    i always find myself doing this.. i like to understand things, so i try to figure myself out. its pretty interesting.

    its a pretty crazy feeling you get when you actually figure something out. about 5 minutes ago i figured out why i have "trust issues" (or i think i did at least)
    it feels good, i feel like i know myself better.

    [p.s- does anyone know a name of this? like what the process is called? im thinking self-enlightenment..:confused:]

    just thought i should post this for some reason :smoke:
  2. Hey man. Haha yeah, i do this all the time. I'm constantly observing my actions and the actions of other people. I suggest reading 2 books:
    1. Freakonomics (steven levitt)
    2. Predictably irrational (dan ariely)

    These two books are far from your common economic books. They deal with common actions of people. Freakonomics has chapters such as 'Why Drug Dealers Live With Their Mothers', etc. So, yeah, its not your typical economic book. Highly reccomended, i loved them both.

    Keep toking :smoking:
  3. its really self-psychoanalysis.....i do it all the time.
  4. What trips me out the most is every single action you make is all only chemical reactions that happens inside your brain.
    Just a bunch of different chemicals and and nerve stimulus are what creates every single thing you do.
  5. Freakanomics is a hella good book, read it a few years ago. I read Blink too (also by stevin levitt) goodshit.

    figuring yourself out is crazy stuff.
  6. Ive always called it Metacognition. I didnt really do it until I dropped lucy but its pretty interesting.
  7. Weed is helping me seeing myself. I've been using it to solve some issues I've had. I learn exactly where the source of negativity is coming from, thus making it easier to "patch the leak" if you know what I mean.
  8. When I'm high I understand everything I'm doing and why I'm doing it. It's weird. I see a reason behind everything because I KNOW there is a reason behind everything.

    I can also understand people's personalities better- I know why they do what they do and what makes them happy/agitated based on their eye movement and what comes out of their mouth. Or at least I think I know...

  9. introspection, i do it to. and figured out my trust issues too haha,

    man there is a common theme throughout the city, its cool
  10. Yeah man i do this. It is fun to try to figure yourself out. I feel like I know myself alot better now. I'm studying to be a psycologist, I hope to be be the Timothy Leary of the next generation so to speak.:D
  11. Smoking the weed reveals you to yourself.
  12. Possibly one of my favorite things to do. being high seems to give you the ability to get an in-depth look at someones true character. I feel that it enables people to drop social facades they may acting out and shows you what their truely motivates them. Any one else feel this way? Also, another interesting thing to try when youre high is facial que recognition. Ask youre friends questions, see if you can tell if each other are lying by your facial expressions. haha of course pre game any of this with a fat sesh before hand. :smoking:
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    Sorry if this is too far along to bring this back up, but I would like to add that, even though there's obviously no solid proof, the Universe most likely works through multiple truths. The highest truth is ususally seen as unity, then comes duality, etc.

    I say this because I don't think that human's reactions are based soley on just the truth of nerve stimulus and chemical reactions. I believe that this is a scienctific metaphor for a spiritual equivalent, and vice versa, just as there is an explanation of the universe in a Scientific point of view, as well as religious, and many others. When it all comes down to it, I think that there are many ways of explaining things, and the Universe has this "multiple ways of explaining things" concept so that humans may be able to go about studying life in whatever style most appeals to them. Seems we may not be all alone after all.;)

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