The reality of relations

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    Everything is emptiness.
    It is within the void that everything is possible.

    If you can, picture this point ---> . <-----

    as you zoom in you realize it is actually this --> o <--

    and as you zoom into the circle's edges you realize it is actually many dots
    . . . . . . . . . .
    And this occurs not only in terms greater than zero, one or two dimensions!

    so that you also have spheres (3d) AND spheres in motion (4d)

    The problem with this is that as we conceptualize more and more dimensions communications becomes exponentially imprecise.

    For example
    the word Fabulous.

    You might see a wonderfully stained furniture

    And you might say fabulous.
    But what exactly is fabulous? Does it truly exist?

    Whats really going on is, the observer is noting a relationship of an unfathomable dimension.
    Fabulous exists but only in the mind of beholder, as relationships and patterns within his subconscious

    Just like the wood stained plank has height, width and depth, and because the paint eventually peels and the wood eventually rots there is also a dimension of time. However, the dimensions of this wood plank are infinite in the mind of the beholder.

    When one notices the relationship between the colors in the wood, or the patterns in its design, one perceives relationships between the piece of wood and every experience the observer has had with a piece of wood

    Splinters, see saws, art class, wood-shop class, the stained wood you noticed in a five star hotel, etc etc

    the relationship you have with every associated memory you have with pieces of wood plus this new piece of wood, might encourage you to make one more relationship

    that of fabulousness.

    The point being.

    Spirituality is a lot like fabulousness

    There are many names and many forms of spirituality but in essence spirituality is that universal relationship between things

    The unknowable oneness of this self organizing matrix of thought

    When it comes down to it, the entire world is just computing. Computers train our brain and our brain develop better computers and propoganda attaining higher and higher levels of complexity, programs that work for programs that work for more and more programs
    our dna is computing, weather is computing (of temperature balancing)
    everything is a process of equilibrium

    but the thing about it all is that the more you learn about it, the more you realize you know absolutely nothing

    but you need not

    simply experience the relationship between your attention and that which you love

    and thats all you need

    everything else is either technology (power) or parable (abstract understanding)

    but like i said

    with love you may have both and need them not

    Much love for the City!

    City of angels (messengers)

    Keep on rocking :hello::hello::hello::hello:
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