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The Real Zong Thread

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by glasshead, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Here's 2 out of my 3 Zong bongs


  2. I'm gonna put up pics of my zong and sour pieces soon. I'm waiting on my last order!
  3. If anyone is selling one of these, PM please. Been looking for a while!
  4. I feel old I got one when they first came out..get a pic of it later
  5. [​IMG]

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    That's my zong. It's not the one in the pic, mine's clear with some bluish trippy design by the mouth opening. She's about 20 inches tall if you stand her up, the base is 10 inches. It fucking RIPS, and with the diffused downstem and diffused ashcatcher my Zong's the bomb.

    If you tap the glass, you get a low, deep 'Kuh' instead of the high pitched clinky noise you get with other pieces, which I'm pretty sure means the glass is really thick.
  7. sick zongs guys


    this is my zongy baby, 10 arm perc, alex k showerhead downstem, and with a b wilson slyme DD slide
  8. Very nice!
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    Are all Zongs glass on glass? excuse me if this has already been answered. I have a 2 foot 4 elbow back in RI , no pics of it since I have moved to CO. It is not glass on glass, but does say zong on it with the logo. I have a Zong! box for it as well as the dog tags and a bunch of stickers it came with...Do I have the real deal? It was on sale at a headshop in NH that was closing down..originally 200 I believe but I purchased for 110 :metal: :bongin:
  10. No, a lot of them are grommets.
  11. Word, thanks man!
  12. ok so i have a legit zong! on deck but theres a camel with two abnormal humps. Anyone know what the story is behind the humps?

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  13. Message me if any of u want to sell your zong!,
  14. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1419628687.105141.jpg 11 inch zong brand

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  15. Just picked my baby up today 20160409_023529.jpg 20160408_175520.jpg received_1089473927757737.jpeg
  16. What's so good about Zongs? Compared to other brands? And I'm not hating lol genuinely curious.

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