The real reason weed is illegal!!

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  1. This is an interesting site. Good straight forward facts on why its truly illegal. Thanks for the site man.
  2. Good site.

    I thought this was common knowledge, maybe not.

    We just need to get non-pot smokers reading this literature so it can do some good

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  3. uh, i still think its illegal because it can get you high. Plus it's very hard to tax.. its never really been leagal since it has been very well known.. if Alcohol wasen't a way of life for so long it would be illegal.
  4. Perhaps you did not read the link.
  5. Liqour has been around for along time...Prohabition ring a bell? America tried too Outlaw it no more than 100 years ago..its been around for thousands of years... so the fact that weed is illegal may just be temporary.

  6. :eek:Holy mother fucking shit! That may be the first time I thought any amount of weed was "too much".
  7. Holy shit! That may be the first time I've thought any amount of weed was "too little"!

    Haha just kidding honky
  8. holy fucking shit. everything in that article makes so much sense. i had a discussion like this at the dinner table with dad tonight. i have to show him this.
  9. that realy opened a window in my mind hahha
  10. "* Henry Ford's first Model-T was built to run on hemp gasoline and the CAR ITSELF WAS CONTRUCTED FROM HEMP!"

    if that's true that's just crazy
  11. A most interesting article, but with a few inaccuracies.
    MJ is not the only plant where male and female are differentiated, not by a long way.
    The common yew is another, where the pollen-bearing catkins are borne only on the male, the female has sticky buds to collect the pollen (a bit like MJ).
    Also many species of the genus Euphorbia are dioecious, ie have male and female plants with different types of flowers.
  12. it used to be illegal not to grow hemp, the irony
  13. Exactly, the Government wanted to make Alcohol illegal but too many people rebeled against it.. They just gave up on that. Other than alcohol, anything that really gets you intoxicated is never going to be socially exceptable and will probably become illegal if it isn't already/
  14. The 'ALIEN' concept... was it some other thread that someone mentioned that the whole article made sense until the ALIEN concept was introduced toward the end? I would agree. The author puts forth all this factual information and then throws this speculation into the mix. Kinda detracts from the impact of the article. And you know that that's the part of the article that the anti-hemp people would focus on, making it sound as if that was the gist of the entire article.

    Regardless of that glaringly unsubstantiated inclusion, the info in the article was interesting and well stated. I think I'll stop calling it 'marijuana' and use 'hemp' instead. I'd never considered before how the word 'marijuana' carries such negative connotations. I sometimes forget the power of words that I use on a daily basis. :cool:

  15. robitussin? <-although illegal for minors to purchase now
    whip cream?
    compressed air?

    they aren't going anywhere
  16. this makes so much sense.
  17. You make so much sense.

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