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the REAL grass city

Discussion in 'General' started by Chillout, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. Hey what does everyone think the real grass city would be like if we could all fly/drive/sail/hike/bike/skate/surf there?

    I would want to catch a huge wave that i could keep on riding out to sea that would bring me there eventually, maybe even a wave that just went up out of the water like a huge pipe that i could surf through space and time on until i reached it.

    so thats how i want to get there tell me what its gonna be like when i arrive
  2. here is the first wave out to sea i was talking about...

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  3. ...and the space time wave to the city

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  4. a 1000 mile ride on the harley man :D.edit ,lol, no pic required.
  5. WOWthat time space wave looks awsome I want in:hippie:
  6. whoah, harley ride to the city sounds really awesome man

    I'll trip out to that one for sure
  7. id just keep toking weed until id smoked sooo much the endo clouds would just move me there. i sure hope they would, by that time i damn well wouldnt be moving myself... :D
  8. a cruise in my surf bus followed by surfing followed by toking, mmm sounds like heaven and my summers haha
  9. have a plane going hundreds of miles an hour throws me out and i skydive all the way there in slow motion! then softley land me in a hot tub miles round filled with all the blades around me :)
  10. I'd call scotty to "beam me up"

    yeah I'm kinda lazy .. ;)
  11. i'd rollin the back of a super stretch navigator...... drinkin schmokin an enjoyion the whole ride there in the lap of luxuary... im mean hey....who opposed to be showin up to the city in a pimmed out ride.... ya know it stirs the ladies up...:D
  12. whoah,

    I started this thread wanting to hear what the place would be like but all the ways to get there are just so damn cool!!

    (I was gonna stop smoking for 3 weeks straight but i only made it for one and am high again!)
  13. sorry i guess its maybe cause i put pictures of the route i imagined, maybe i should put a pic of something there:

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  14. i wonder if theres weed in those balls.... or maybe its a bunch of really zoomed in thc crystals!!

    oooo, or maybe not zoomed, in, just super huge!! mmm... weed.....

    ill bet the real grass city would have ONLY chill people, munchies EVERYWHERE, a bong on every table, a joint on every armrest, there would ALWAYS be a lighter with the bud, and no DXM ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!! hahaha, well, maybe a little, aslong as its done with some thought and research.

    waffles. there would have to be waffles. everywhere.
  15. HA! Hell yeah I love it!

    Bongs! Joints! Lighters! Tables! Armrests for tired arms!
    Chill people only! Food for the munchies! Everywhere!

    thanks dude you just made my evening
  16. A free fall forever with no ground, every1 would have plants floating in the air with you, you can swin down to other people, live forever and never get old and die...now that, would rock.
  17. I would smoke until it felt something like this

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  18. ok ok ok,

    i figured out whats in the giant gold thing,

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