The real deal on foliar sprays in flowering

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  1. Hey gc, how are you guys today? Ok so I've looked at a dozen threads or so about this topic and all of them are at least two years old and it seems to be the same people saying the same thing about never spraying, or stopping spraying whenever pistils form.

    The people that have actually tried a foliar spray say that the nutrients in the spray can be phytotoxic and a few report redding in pistils, showing a burn, and slowed growth. I could totally understand if you had a super nutrient heavy/high salt spray with no emulsifier to lower that surface tension and it either burned in the light or sat there wet with closed stoma at night. Both of those situations being less than ideal.

    So I'm 19 weeks into flower, grown organically, a multitude of pure sativa/ pure indica and hybrids, covering a 5x5 even canopy, I have them under 1000w hps, 440w(super lumen) metal halide, and a 4ft t5 for side lighting.

    What I want to do is to make a half strength spray of rx green solution harpin protein, vermiT, and a drop of dish soap, and spray 30 minutes before lights on and turn my canopy fan on 30 seconds before lights on to make sure no droplets are present.

    The reason I think this would work is because of the way harpin proteins and vermiT work. It's less of a nutrient feed than it is a defense mechanism for the harpin proteins and I'm not positive exactly how vermiT works. I know it somehow removes negatives in addition to being a very mild worm casting nutrient. I've seen bud grown with vermiT and I was really impressed. And the soap helps the plant absorb the nutrients, creates less large water droplets, and keeps gnats at bay.

    So what do you guys think? Will it burn my pistils and stunt growth or will it just discolor a few a"but otherwise boost bud growth? And please don't tell me that if i spray I'll get mold, because I can drop my room to 15% in less than an hour I promise you. Any input would be appreciated! Happy growing!
  2. Lol I meant 19 days, not weeks
  3. I have used foliar sprays at about the 1/3 point in flowering before.  I sprayed Azamax in order to eliminate a mite infection I got off from a clone purchased from a friend.  The biggest problem was the added weight basically bent the plants in half and had to be tied up before they broke.  I also had to run fans on high and a dehumidifier for 3 days before my humidity went back below 50%.

    I see many reasons why you shouldn't do this, and very few reason why you should.  Your plants are fine right?  Don't fuck with them then, lol.

    Personally, I will NEVER spray plants even in early flower ever again.  Too Risky.
  4. If foliar sprays are a no-go during flower, is there any other way to ensure no pests will fuck with an outdoor plant?

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  5. I see your logic onefreeman, water weighs quite a bit on stiff stems. What was in your spray? And did you notice any change in pistol coloration?

    I'm not worried about humidity because my room faces the mountains and I have this constant Inflow of dry air. Also a space heater can dry my space out 10% in 15 min.

    My motivation is to get as much vermiT to these plants as possible before week 5 or 6
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    It did in fact orange up the pistils and slowed the growth a bit..but im only in week 6 of 8 right now and the nugs look fine..  These plants were sprayed twice.  Azamax has the equilivent of neem oil in it but it is chemical, it kills spider mites.  I had to tie all my nugs up with fishing line.  Check them out today though, week 6 of 8 and they are just fine:

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    But again, it was a lot of extra work..  I will avoid spraying flowers at all cost again..  If you dont have a dehumidifier do not even think about trying it...  But your heater might searve the purpose too..  I guess you will see.
  7. spray with a neem oil solution throughout veg and 1-2 weeks into flower, before pistils really form. spray at night, then next night spray with distilled water to open stomata, then the next night let rest. repeat religiously and you wont have pest issues. the neem oil is also great for terpene production, so your stuff will taste a whole lot better too!
  8. I got some of this same stuff today in a sample pack from rx green solutions. How'd it Work? Haven't used it yet but it seems as long as you mist not spray your plants it's not as harmful and lowers droplets. It says that added to 1 gallon of water it treats 1000 sq ft

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