The Real Cancer Of The Middle East

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    Relax Dima, J and dudedude i am not referring to Israel but to the vermin who have done more harm to the Middle East than Israel and the US combined - the House of Saud.
    The House of Saud ( i will refer to them as the House of Shit in the rest of my OP, much more appropriate ) have control of the proud lands of Arabia. The Shits have even changed the name of Arabia to Saudi Arabia. This "royal" family which has thousands of members, shit loads of princes and all sorts of fancy titles have reeked havoc across the Middle East for years. Their gluttony and greed has raped Arabia of its assets and its people of what is rightfully theirs.The poor image that Islam has in the West is largely down to these turds and their meddling.
    The House of Shit have had control of Arabia on and off since the 1700's. They rule with an iron fist and have bastardized Islam and the words of its Prophet to suit their twisted needs and agendas. In Arabia they have their own cruel version of Sharia Law, a law which forbids most of what we would see as normal day to day life. Women are treated like dogs and it is forbidden to voice any criticism of the House of Shit often with the penalty of death.
    They control Mecca the most holiest of Islamic holy sites and through this have had a huge influence on Islam. Most of those loo la Islamic preachers you have seen have either been Shit's or are financed by the House of Shit.
    The infamous Osama Bin Laden was an Arabian and 15 of the 9/11 hijackers were Arabians, products of the House of Shit's financing of Islamic extremism and terror. But even Bin Laden could take no more of the Shit's and cut his ties with the country and the Shit's for inviting US troops on to holy Islamic soil. It suits the Shits to have Arabia overflowing with US bases and troops. Having this huge war machine on your team helps to act as a deterrent against any who would consider rising up. 
    I would in fact argue that Al Qaeda are the Shit's private army who do the dirty work that the Shit's do not want to be directly associated with. We see what has happened to those that  the Shit's want removed in Libya and today in Syria.
     Until the Shit's get flushed the Middle East will never know peace.

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  2. You know when I clicked on this thread I had just the slightest feeling you were gonna talk about Israel and I'm glad I was wrong. You're right though the House of Saud are some of the biggest cunts on the face of the earth. They destroy Muslim religious sights in Mecca so they can build hotels for pilgrims and make more money, but I'm sure those sights didn't fit into their fucked view of Islam. If only oil hadn't found in Arabia their personal brand of religious insanity would be long gone, but alas they're still here; at least until their despotic monarchy collapses, hopefully sooner rather than later.
    Historical sites are not usually a priority for the leadership of countries who are under siege. Day to day survival tends to come first...
    Any thoughts on the House of Shit ?  How are they viewed in Israel ?
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  4. Hamas is just as bad as the House of Saudi, murdering homosexuals, treating women like dogs, discriminating against Jews and minorities.
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    The House of Saud is now wait for it................... flat out hunting and chopping off the heads of alleged witches. If this was not so serious it would be funny.
    This my dear blades and bladettes is the country that the US government bend over backwards for. Supplying them with any weapon's they desire, keeping the mad as a bag of cats Saudi Royal Family in power and facilitating the oppression of any dissent.
    And yet we will still have people coming on here trying to claim that the US is promoting peace and spreading democracy in the Middle East.
    Members of the "Religious Police" at a training course. That's right my friends they have a dedicated unit for hunting witches.
    I have highlighted some paragraphs from the long article below. If you want to see what the real nutcases in the Middle East get up to have a smoke, sit back and let the true problem of the Middle East reveal itself to you.

  6. Hunting witches? They truly are still in the dark ages.
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    Indeed Kush and the very same people that the US government is arming to the teeth. In fact the US sold these loo la's cluster bombs of late.
    You may also recall that 15 of the 911 hijackers were Saudi's. How many more red flags need to be raised before the US government stop cooperating with these dark age fruit cakes ?
  8. The Saudi royals are scum. But the whole Middle East is afflicted with a terminal disease called "Islam", which as the most immature of the big monotheisms is consequently the most reactionary and fascist. In many respects they are absolutely still in the dark ages.
    Islam is no more a terminal disease than Judaism or Christianity. They are all based on books wrote 000's of years ago. It is the interpretation of said Holy books that is the problem, not the text. 
    As a rough rule of thumb i have found that the Muslims who wear dresses seem to be the extremists where as the chaps who dress in clothes like we do in the West are moderates (This is just my stoned mind at work and i am sure there are exceptions to this also). :)
    The Saudis have a particular state enforced twisted version of Islam in play and are known sponsors of terrorism worldwide. They are Al Qaeda's financiers and main supplier of personal. You may recall that the late Osama Bin Laden was of Saudi origin. 
    The Saudi's are protected by the US government and indeed it would not be a stretch to state that the US enables them to carry out their madness through this protection. The Saudis take human rights abuses to a new level and the silence and complicity from Washington is disgusting. How can anyone be expected to take the US government seriously when it pontificates about democracy and human rights when they are best chums with these scum ?
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    Obviously Islam is not just some book. All religions are more or less a particular belief in (or interpretation of) a scripture, so when I say that Islam is like a disease I obviously mean that the interpretations of the Koran are like a disease. But what can be said about the worship of the god and moral laws in the Koran or Hadith as the word of god can also be said about the god and moral laws in these books.
    All religions are cancer. Islam just happens to be the most violent and oppressive. You don't see Christians threatening people with death for drawing a picture, or Jews stoning women for not covering up their heads. Why is this?
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    There are extremists in all religions. In Judaism we see some who believe that they are "chosen people" and have a divine right to occupy the lands of Palestine. There are sections of Israel that are no go areas for women who are not dressed in a particular way and buses in which women have to sit in certain areas. In Christianity there are nut jobs who have all sorts of strange and discriminating ideas also.
    The practices you speak about in Islam are mainly confined to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are the financiers of the vast majority of the loo la preachers who spew hate and all kinds of lunacy around the world in Saudi Royal Family paid for Mosques and schools. It is the Saudi Royal Family who are the ones driving the extreme interpretation of Islam that has blighted our world today.
    They are the problem and if the protection the US affords them was removed it would not be too long before the downtrodden and abused Saudi people rose up and treated these animals to a taste of their own medicine.

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