**The Rate your Summer thread**

Discussion in 'General' started by PhishPhood, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Give your summer a rating 1-10 and tell us why.

    My summer was an 8. Made some money, played alot of disc golf, saw a bunch of great concerts and enjoyed the hell out of it.

    Lets hear yours.
  2. My summer was a 7.5. I didn't do much, couldn't find a job, and had to really struggle to make some money. But i need smoke a shit ton every day, chilled wit my boys, and jamm'ed out at least 4 times a week wit my friends. Smokin, music, and no obligations, combined with hardly anything else to do makes for a 7.5. and i tripped on shrooms a couple times and learned a shit ton about myself, which adds to the score for sure
  3. throw in some concerts, and girls.. and thats the same summer as me.. work is fuckin hard to find. esp in the shitty state of MI
  4. i'll give mine an 8.

    nothing to crazy,started smokin at the very beginning of the summer so that made it better :smoke:,wakeboarding almost everyday,and just chillin' all summer

    can't complain
  5. 8! i rate my summer an 8 because i was high everyday like usual:p Wroked ALOT but i enjoy working with the people that i do. Made some cash, smoked some weed, listened to music,, what else. I tottaled a truck so that was awesom and have a bunch of fines to pay but still i had a great summer! I plan on working as much as possible in the next week before class begins so that i can have some extra cash.... or pay off the fines:p
  6. haha yea. I only hit up 1 concert cuz i was too broke to go to all the ones i wanted to see. and unfortunately no girls either... i've lost contact with most kids from my hs except my good friends from home. all my other friends (and girls) are at school... which ironically is in the same state i live in, but i guess i made friends with all out of state students lol.

    i couldn't even get excited about the yankees this summer; for obvious reasons
  7. 8 or 9

    Only because i've never consumed so much weed in one summer, probably a half pound total.
  8. 1/10

    worst 3 months of my life. so far.
  9. 3/10. quit job didnt find another one, didnt go out as much as i wanted. blazed a lot though
  10. was the most unproductive wasted summer in my life.. i did nothing but sit at my house, the only time i went out was to get dope, to get tobacco, or to go to court, and a couple times i went n hungout with friends for a couple hours, but those times were few n far between
  11. 8.5. It was the summer before i head off to college, so I just got fucked up with friends and got with as many girls as possible.
  12. I smoked alot of weed this summer,more than I ever have before. I also smoked out of alot of things for the first time, like smoking out of a roor, used a vaporizer, made brownies. I also tried shrooms and e for the first time. Hung out with a bunch of new people, made some new friends, went to a bunch of partys. Also made some new connects. I got back together with my ex who I had dated for almost 4 years. Right now, im watching forgetting sarah marshall, ive got two rolls and a couple of grams of sour diesel.

    Perfect summer. 10/10
  13. 5/10, if it wasnt for family comin into town, it would of been 1/10, everything else sucked.
  14. /my last summer was way better, no island parties this year, totally weak.
  15. 10/10.

    thats just my life, except i dont have homework for these months off school. :D

    i still got until sep. 22 until school. YEE
  16. Maybe a 6, didn't do much besides work and chill. I bought some sick glass and shit, but thats about it.
  17. fucking 10

    broke up with my bf went on a coke binge for like 2 months straight fucked myself up
    got wasted everyday drunk off my ass

    fuck, broke 2 bongs, got thrown out of every club in atlanta

    and i finally got to try acid for the first time

    -broke my personal record for a keg stand --- 26 seconds fuck you if you talk shit:p

    andd....uhh tried dealing pot but got i just smoked all of it and ummm

    my roommate and i had sex which was pretty awesome i must admit

    and i'm still fuckin unemployed and not in college yay:D
    i think thats about it

    ok so not all the stuff was good but i had a blast
  18. Atleast you got a ton of stories smokin =)
  19. 10. went on a fuck load of vacations. made cash. picked up ounces daily. spent a decent amount of time with friends. spent time on the boat. had a better job than last summer.

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