The Rapture

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  1. 5/21/11

    im fucked

    idk about you
  2. I'll be smoking some herb, regardless of what "happens".
  3. i'm almost as tired of this as i am about 2012
  4. You're not fucked. It is YOUR choice. Noone is forcing anything on you.

    Stay true to yourself. Walk your path.
  5. My birthday is 5/22

    And it will be a great day :smoke:
  6. So when this day happens and nothing consequently happens.. does this mean we can now refute everything the bible says and evolve as an intelligent civilization?
  7. Mine is only six days later.

    Good month. :D
  8. Who keeps coming up with all this and why do people keep reporting it?

    Like TheJourney says, you are always who you are, and you're here living your life. Whatever may or may not happen in your future, you just deal with your own path.

    It's all ultimately good anyway.
  9. im heavily strapped. no joke :cool:

    im shooting back at jesus.
  10. If you do or don't believe an event such as the Rapture can even happen. What is the Rapture. Its the day where all true believers that are SAVED will be caught up in the air and meet the lord Jesus. People will just disappear. Those left behind now will live in a time where the End time tribulations begin. So the Mark of the Rarture is also a clear cut day and time that the 7 years of tribulation begins leading up to Armageddon. OK now that we are clear on that lets understand a few more things. The Word "Rapture" is not in the Bible. Also the very concept of the Rapture is but one verse in the New test. 1 Thessalonians 4:17 . The word Rapture meaning in the Latin root to be "Caught up in the Air. OK last and very important fact about the event known as "The Rapture" there is no clear cut date EVER mentioned in the Bible of this event. Any dates given are just intelligent guess's. People are always trying to mathematically figure out dates and times. Jesus makes many statements in the NT which he states that only the Father "Knows the day and time of my coming" Jesus also states he comes as a "theif in the night" .. So those whom make claim and say they also believe that the Words of the Bible have been inspired by GOD himself and then claim they can tell us dates and times and full of Hypocrisy. Now if you believe that the Holy Bible is real and we should live by those words, then you should just not worry about so things and put your faith in Christ Jesus. Now I am just telling you what the Bible teaches. These are not my own interpretations or beliefs.

    All and all this event cannot be compared to 2012. At least 2012 gives us a certain day and year. By Dec 21st 2012 you will know the outcome. As for the Rapture, they can predict and saying its coming if and when the world is here and in turmoil in 100 years from now.
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    Well said. I commend you for explaining your thoughts on the subject without insults or judgement. People seem to think what they believe is the ultimate truth, which is fine because it IS to THEM. But who's truly right when it comes to a creator? No one knows with 100% truth..
  12. Sickening pessimist
    Picketing masses
    Conservative communist
    Apocalyptic bastards
    Thank you dear God
    For putting me on this Earth
    Feeling very frivolous,
    Death in mind.
  13. LOL.

    It's funny, because the people who are saying the rapture will happen on this date.. also say this world will be destroyed in October of this year.

    No 7 year tribulation.
    No 2012

    but good posting, dude.
  14. I really do think the 21st...probably will be a big date. I'm not saying definitely, and it doesn't matter whatsoever if nothing happens.

    Whatever happens, though, it will not be the christians meeting up in the sky so that the anti-christ can go to town on the rest of us, I can promise you that. It will be a joyous occasion, for all...if this goes down...
  15. so you're saying that you think maybe definitely think that something might happen, and if that something does happen, you think it will be joyous for all?

    spirituality section is so weird.

    it's like you can't be wrong or something.

  16. Well, seeing as how I said that something may/probably will happen, and that if it doesn't it doesn't matter whatsoever, and thus I am putting no stock whatsoever in that date, and thus am making no claim about that date...

    Yea, I'd say I can't be wrong...generally one has to make a claim in order to be wrong...
  17. lol, so your just talking psychobabble? that is, of course, sense your not claiming anything.. you must be just rambling.. right?
  18. totally...psychobabble...just talking out of my ass.

    I'm actually a mentally ill person with an IQ of me no mind :smoking:
  19. that's what i figured, actually. :smoke:

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