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the random smoke circle

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nill, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. So I'm part of this online group of about 100 people or so in my area (oklahoma) that organizes smoking sessions. We have meetings about once a week that are held at various private locations. We typically see around 20 people per session and attendees are randomly selected as the "providers", who bring one joint, pre-rolled.

    Whenever I attend it's great to meet fellow smokers and it seems like smoking weed is legal. We've yet to have any encounter with the law (group has been around a few years) and I somewhat doubt that the police around here would want to arrest ~20 or so people and do the paperwork for all of us.... but I recently realized that the cops around here can issue tickets of this sort of thing. :eek:

    Has anyone else had experience with this sort of thing? Should I be more worried about the cops? It just seems too good to be true..
  2. thats sounds pretty sick.. but yeah cops are pretty much cock suckers, who are complete dicks and try to ruin every potheads life... BUUTTTT other then that, just always keep an eye out, and carry small amounts so you can get rid of your stash easily in an intense situation
  3. Just be careful.

    And if they won't hit it, they's 5-0 and you should air them out.

    Just kidding.
  4. Lol is there any screening of who they let in? Sounds like it'd be very easy for the cops to get 2-3 undercover officers in there and surround the building while you're tokin up.

    But that does sound pretty legit, I don't think I'd have the balls to meet up with someone over the net to smoke weed. But hey, more power to you.:hello:
  5. That sounds pretty awesome. I wish there was something like that around where I live!

    And as long as you're in a safe location and people aren't stupid about it, you should be good
  6. ha that sounds in oklahoma 2 lol...but naw im not interested in meeting up...

    good luck dont get knocked!
  7. WAYYYYY to sketch. smoking with people you meet over the internet is almost as risky as meeting somebody you met online for a "meeting". you NEVER know who is on the other computer. i would never risk something like this. it could be somebody lacing bud b/c he knows everyone will be smoking it, could be some1 who might bring a bunch of people to jump other people there (would anybody there help you if you were getting jumped?, probably not. last ans most importantly it COULD BE AN undercover cop. if he;s there and you guys light up he will pull out his badge and place you all under arrest.
  8. "there's 20 people smoking joints together, let's get some undercover officers in there before they take over our city!!"

    I highly doubt cops would go through the lengths of getting undercover cops and surrounding the building and busting everyone there for smoking some weed.. They have better things such as actual drug DEALERS and users of much harder drugs than weed.. lmao.
  9. Just open fire with the automatic weapons if they come about.
  10. Just get yourself a hand grenade, and when shit goes south you throw that shit in the center of everyone and run your ass off.
  11. wow that sounds awesome

    I wish I was part of a sweet little club like that :D

    Don't know anything about the cops though sorry
  12. that sounds fucking awesome and sketchy at the same time lol

    what happens if everyone brings shitty weed besides you??!?!?
  13. Sounds fun at first, but I'd be very cautious if i heard about something like that. There could be under cover cops or it could be a sting.
  14. I think this is a great idea. The initial scare of undercovers or muggers would be nullified when you consider the harmlessness to the act and as long as everyone who is in the know is legit. I think I want to start one.
  15. I think you under estimate the police especially if its a small town, IMO that is exactly what they would do. All it would take is for one person to get busted and then snitch on the group to get out of trouble. Since its random people how do you know the police arent their now taking down lic plates and trying to find growers etc. Also berry copper dvd said it is easy for a cop to take a hit and breath it threw there nose. The only sure way is for everyone to smoke bongs. That is cool a group like that is out there but I would never speak to the person who ask me to come.

  16. that's just it, they would look for growers, realize they aren't growers and that they're wasting their time and move on.. LOL are u kidding me..
  17. That's the thing.. there's pretty much an unspoken rule that there is no dealing or talking about dealing/finding connections.

    That doesn't really seem like motivation for cops. That's why I'm not sure if I should be worried or not. They aren't going to haul 20 people into the jail system for possession of no more than a joint. There isn't anything they can possess and auction off for funds. It just seems like something that would ruin someone's week by doing paperwork for 20 people. :p

    I could imagine it being a problem if there were a ton of us and we were attracting attention.. but we keep to ourselves. The online site for it makes no mention of actually smoking anything, too.

  18. Because you can't blow a bong hit through your nose?
  19. The first rule of Smoke Club is you don't talk about Smoke Club.
  20. Well, I don't know. I guess it really depends on the cop. In my city, some of the cops will just ask you if you're smoking anything other than pot. You say no, they say have a good day. But some of the rookie cops here go fucking nuts about it. A friend of mine has to go to court for possession of 2 grams.

    If you live in a small town with little crime rate, assume that the cops are bored and need something to do. Thats usually the reason people get minor tickets. Like not wearing seatbelts or not turning your lights on. So I don't know dude, be careful with your stuff, look up your state's weed laws and know your rights. Assume the worst and hope for the best.

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