The Ramen Noodle circle.

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  1. Chapter 1. Eye Regret.

    Davey left the hotplate on last night and he needed to be punished. There weren't many rules in the house but that was one of them.Thou shalt not included.We had been living in this abandoned house for 5 months now and we had a set routine.A way things worked.This routine had come to be challenged the past 2 weeks now due to a once uninvited, but now voted in guy named Davey (or at least that's what he told everyone his name was).

    The kid Davey was a tad bit taller than me at around 5'11 but skinny, even coming from a guy who hasn't digested a decent meal in a long time. My guess is that he maybe had a life before but got down on his luck somewhere along the way and maybe became homeless. I'd have to say it was drugs. Not an educated guess to say the least but if I'm wrong then the kid had gotten his forearms attacked by the most viscous mosquito bites I've ever seen. I guess I'd never know the truth seeing as another one of the rules of the house was that no one ever spoke concerning the condition of ones homeless or the events that led up to it unless that person willingly offered those details.And of course, he didn't. He showed up with my friend Angela's brother Demarcus on Christmas Eve. His clothes were clean, shoes were still new, and there was hope still in his eyes.No one except for Demarcus knew that Davey's parents had kicked him out that morning.No one cared. Just like any parent that is worth their weight in responsibility, his mother didn't let him leave without money in his pockets to at least give him a chance at surviving a few weeks on the streets alone.

    So no one cared when this community college dropout showed up one evening with two bottles of liquor, beers, and and an ounce of some mid grade marijuana.No one cared that he may be showing up with the pretense of actually finding residence with us in a home where our presence was unwelcomed. No one cared that he was a bit obnoxious, unruly, and into himself. No one gave a fuck about the track marks along his rail thin arms and on top of rake like hands. That is because the alcohol and good conversation flowed like the hot water that we wished would run everyday through our rusted shower head. We laughed and talked and sang and rapped and joked until kingdom come. The fun we were having rang in our ears loud enough to drown out every warning that floated in the air. I couldn't hear him whispering sweet nothings to Angela when I went to retrieve more beer from the cooler in the bathtub. Angela couldn't hear Davey offering her brother an illicit hard drug that she made him promise to never partake in. And poor Davey couldn't hear.......well Davey couldn't hear any-fucking-thing at all as he drooled over the kitchen sink in preparation of a slow headbanging musical that wouldn't end until he passed out cold. None of us seen it coming.In 8 hours another street walker had rendered me and two of my best friends in the world deaf and blind.

    Now two weeks later and here we are. Davey has somehow wormed his way into our humble abode and found a nest for himself in the master bedroom's walk-in closet.That is where he was laying when I found him to accuse him of leaving the hot plate on. Curled up in a sleeping bag covered in pink ponies obviously stolen from some little girl, here lay the last of us to go to sleep last night.He was indeed the last to go to sleep but not before heating up a pot of noodles.Noodles he didn't finished guessing from the sight of him laying with his chin dipped in a dirty tupperware bowl we used for mealtimes.

    He had to pay for breaking the rules.The last few times he had slipped, my two best friends begged me to give him a chance and to take it easy on him. They wanted me to give him a chance.I didn't know then why they adored him so. Either way, they were both gone out to job hunt and try to hustle some money and here I was face to face with the reason for my burnt elbow and this time his deed would not go unpunished. I held the wood handle of the butter knife carefully while the tip burned deep red and ember orange from the time I spent heating it up. I only planned an eye for an eye so while slowly pulling back the sleeping bag slip I searched for the easiest access to his arm.And to this day I regret the events that followed. I don't regret accidentally kicking the bowl of noodles that he used as a pillow. I don't regret him jarring awake and sleepily kicking me off balance. I don't even regret dropping the butter spreading utensil onto Davey's shocked and wide open eye. None of these things I regret. What occurs during the next two months on account of what happened that night is what will haunt me for the rest of my life...................
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  5. Sorry it's taking so long for me to add on. I've been a bit busy and have had a bit of writer's block. I'm going to add on today after I smoke.
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    Chapter 2. Just A Drink Or Two

    "Whatever happened to the day a man actually wanted to earn a honest day's work? Probably started out as a burnout stoner didn't you?"

    "Pretentious fuck! I'm sure you started out as a quick blow and go until your dad found a extra $5 for your mom in the ashtray. Without a doubt most of it was loose change!"

    I'm sure the Lacoste wearing, trust fund, goldenchild didn't find that amusing. I'm sure at least one of his pals did but none of them showed it. The only thing that saved my ass from the 2012 Nsync dance crew was their female counterparts egging them on into the awaiting stretch limo. Shit like this often fucks with my general peacefulness. I mean why did he have to say something like that? I don't remember any part of my day when I went outside of my normal routine to piss in someone's eye and call it Visine. So who the fuck is he to ruin my night? Yes, I was sitting with my back to the building with my hat on the concrete. But that doesn't mean I intended on someone to put anything in it, though I wouldn't exactly protest it either.

    Most nights I sat outside of "Ace's Place" to kick back and listen to the good Jazz music inside playing.It took me back to a better time. Back when I had a constant gym membership. Back when I couldn't wait for my next fight and payday.Back when I shared that three bedroom townhouse with my best friend and his gorgeous sister. Back when I was on the road to getting big, becoming a household name and finally having enough money to ask my soulmate to marry me.Back to a time that I repeat every time a generous and/or drunk patron wanders outside for a smoke and offers me one or even better a drink. All the while I didn't depress me much returning to a simpler time in my mind. It made me happy most nights even in conjunction with a shitload of complimentary drinks. Most nights it was accompanied with a small glimmer of hope that I could get back to that one day.

    After the verbal joust with the rich sonuvabitch I decided it was time to call it a night. Soon enough Angela and Demarcus would be heading home. It would be time for me to explain the horrible misfortune that had befallen Davey. Sad, sad thing it was. Horrifying even, the way he screamed. I never knew such a sound existed. The way I stuck my filthy sleeved forearm into his mouth to stifle the noise and his attempted grappling of my shoulder blades jarred me into a full scale moment of clarity. If he somehow gets his footing, he will either try to kill me or I would end up in county lock up that night. Though the 3 meals and change of scenery was nice every now and then, enduring the latter was not penciled into mental itinerary........He had to die. Fortunately for me I didn't have to have a hand in it I witnessed as he scrambled from underneath me to run and slipped ont the pony sleeping bag and fully impaled himself on the hardwood floors.

    It was a mess to clean up especially with my amount of supplies but I managed to get him upstairs in the attic. After tons of moving and shifting I somehow found him an eternal resting place in an old deep freezer with furniture and books stacked on top to seal in the smell. I'd have to explain it to them in a way that they would believe that he had left a note to them revealing that had had contracted a life threatening STD and fled in embarrassment. I mean everyone knew by now that he was a junkie. As I was putting the finishing touches on my elaborate concoction and nearing my destination I peered through the cracked window revealing the dark dining room and two shadows bouncing of the wall followed by hushed chatter in my favorite feminine accent. I stopped a minute to recapture my courage to knowingly fool the two people who meant most to me in life and steeped forward before my eye spied a figure advancing towards the front porch.

    In my mind I couldn't believe it. There was no way that it was possible. Davey couldn't be bouncing up the front steps of the abandoned home. But what scared me the most was when he turned to look at me and blinked through an unscathed pupil.

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