The Raid

Discussion in 'Movies' started by crew2006, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Hey grasscity stoners! Tomorrow The Raid comes out. I haven't seen it yet but the movie looks sick as fuck, and from what I've heard it's non stop action.

  2. So I saw the raid and if it's possible to OD on too much action then that's definitely what the movie did to me.
    The movies choreography for action was insane, it had fun action, gross action, and over the top action. There was also an insane amount of gore to appreciate as well.
    Unless you want a great and complex story then I would definitely recommend it if it's playing at a city near you.
    Great action
    Great gore
    Great setting
    Felt like a war movie in an apartment

    Barely any story, besides what the missions about but the movie didn't need a story.

  3. Just saw the movie yesturday and it was FUCKING AMAZING


    if u like action u will LOVE this movie

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