the R.S.A have landed!

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  1. We are the R.S.A.
    Your probably wondering what R.S.A stands for.....
    well here it is R.S.A stands for the rambling stoners association. we are an elite group. we indulge in our favourite pass time (joint smoking) whilst attempting to navigate the dark an treacherous forests of great britain.
    This my friends is awesome!
    dont get the wrong idea when it is 1am an your in the middle of the forest lighting up your fith smoke an you dont know where you best of all you dont care!
    it takes a strong will an a chilled outlook to enjoy this but believe us its cool!
    if you have an interest in this and want some more info on us just leave us your email address an we'll send you an information email including indivual profiles on some of its members and vital information on how you too can become a member.
    so everyone get replying an keep smoking!

  2. We may not be an association, but we do our share of rambling stoners..
    Welcome to the city!
  3. Welcome,
    I am also from the RSA, Republic of South Africa, we also can be called RSA, with our aromatic flavours here, called Durban poison, only $100 per kg, not bad, real good stuff, blow your mind to pieces.

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  4. hello and welcome to the city. :)

  5. Welcome to the City. Have a blast.

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