The Question is: Why NOT smoke weed?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Human Cruoton, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Its illegal

    Not everyone likes being high

    Its expensive

    You meet some really crappy people
  2. Society fucked up marijuana's image.
  3. egggggggggsactly! :wave:

  4. Its not illegal. Its prescribed in certain states fyi. Let us assume we are all patients.:D
    I disagree. Marijuana is widely used among Americans and among the world. Most people that smoke it, enjoy it:smoke:
    Its worth it
    You can meet some really cool and intresting people with different backrounds and lifestyles.

    :wave: :hello: :)

  5. +100 agreed
  6. Because it's relaxing, but it doesn't help the memory or attention span.
  7. I've noticed it makes me remember long term things more and short term things less, so it helps my memory
  8. just blew my mind...I'm no longer militantly anti-weed.
  9. It's illegal in most parts of the world

    You're saying everybody likes being high?[citation needed]

    I haven't met anyone new. Only dealers and I don't like them.
  10. It is illegal. medical marijuana is just a loophole
    Like I said. Some people dont like being high.
    Its your money
    You can also met the worst people in the world
  11. Herbza ting dattl give ya a likkle time fahya look pon ya self...IF ya use it..:smoke:
  12. Im sorry your so miserable.
  13. I like observing the contrast on this site of high posters and unhigh

  14. ......And what are you insinuating?:cool:
  15. What about the people that are already so high on life they don't need, or want for that matter, an additive?
  16. Uncomfortable highs, whether it be from a stressful smoking environment or just from having weird thoughts
  17. damn sucks for you.

    i've met tons of cool ass people off the power of marijuana.:cool:
  18. Not everybody likes the high. Also there are some people with mental illnesses that can't smoke cannabis.
  19. Yep.

    A family member was recently given a medicinal cannabis card for a very serious stomach condition and was driven into a nearly psychotic state upon ingestion. Granted, they may have taken slightly more than was necessary for someone who had never used it any point in their fifty years of life, but it does go to show that not everyone automatically 'loves being high.'

    It's a drug, just like any other drug. A very safe drug, granted, but a drug nonetheless. It effects cognitive processes and physiological responses just like any other drug would. Just as some people don't enjoy being drunk, some people (many people, in fact) don't enjoy being high.

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