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The quality of weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by shell_09, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. Hey all,

    I noticed something... the price of weed. I recently bought some less then good quality weed, for about $60/quarter, a fair price for quality weed. BUT which what i bought was crap!, so I wonder if the weed culture would change if it were legalized. i.e. - would the price of weed be flexible based on the quality? would a bartering system arise in the wake of it's legalization? I would like to think that it would. I am irritated by the quality that i recieved for the price i paid. but when a city is dry... my needs outweights my sense of judgement. I like weed, but sometimes i think it would be easier to grow my own weed... *sign* I hate dry spells... and crappy weed!
  2. dude the price would go down way down. competing coffeeshops would lower their prices to get buyers. like ten a gram for the best weed you can get right now
  3. My belief is that weed prices would defiently drop a least i would hope so. hehe. But i also see it becoming industrialized like tobacco, like in a pack of cigs, a cigar, you know stuff like that...i would also expect different marborlo (sp), Newport..stuff like that. better brands = more money, lesser brand = less money.
  4. I think if weed became that popular, i would have to excuse myself from that aspect of the culture. I think i would still buy from dealers. I would be very disappointed if they added shit to weed {perservatives and such..) I find i appreciate weed for it's pure simpleness (i know that weed nowadays isn't all that simple, what with hydroponics), but when you look at the facts, all that does is improve the quality, and there ain't nothing wrong with good weed! haha... Actually, I was just thinking weed and tobacco are quite different products... weed you smoke the bud, and tobacco you smoke the leaf (am i right?) so truly, there isn't much you can do. I would guess that some tobacco firms would try mixing weed with tobacco(ick!). It would be interesting to see what happens when/if weed is legalized. I think though that i would like to see weed be more of a barter system rather that a set price.
  5. I live in Canada, where marijuana was shorly de-criminalized and pretty much is. Cops in Canada, for the most part done care if you smoke herb.... they'll still bust you if you have like a hydro lab.

    I'll be walking down the street, or sitting in a park with a friend smoking a blunt and the cops will roll by, look around and keep driving.

    It's a real humbling feeling to know that I can smoke in peace.
  6. Dude if weed was legalized then I would definetly try to grow my own(as long as that was legal and you didn't have to have a permit). It would make mu life a lot easier.
  7. If weed was legal, it would be sooooo much cheaper. The regular outdoor shit would prolly be as cheap as tobacco and better shit would be as cheap as regular shit is now, if not cheaper.
  8. what do you think if major corporations started crankin out bricks by the thousands (ahh, i can picture it now :smoke: ). the price is gonna drop like fat man doin pushups. (eewww, i can picture it now :eek: ) that would be awesome shit if they legalized it (i hope im not the first one to say that)
  9. if weed was legalized you would be able to buy packs of joints like you would cigs and nice fat blunts like you would at a cigar shop....

    quallity of weed would go up becuase there would be like exculsive brands and shwag brands and all that...

    i would buy it in bags still and roll it up on my own it just cooler that way(rather then buying something pre rolled)
  10. If they legalized it the prices would have to drop. Companies would start selling packs of joints for cheaper than what the dealer does.

  11. Actually Philip Morris already has a patent for Marley Brand Marijuana Cigarettes and other companies have the rights to terms such as Acupulco Gold.
  12. Boycots to Marlboro, I'm fuckin' rofl bro. They already sell the most deadly legal thing that people ingest out there, and no boycots yet...

    And OF COURSE it would be cheaper. Many more 'average joes' would be growing weed, and as supply increases demand will not(and if it does, it won't anywhere near as much as supply). Therefore it will get a lot cheaper. I'd say 10 a gram for heady nugs.

  13. Marlboro already has a box trademarked for marlboro greens.

    I don't think prices would drop that much. I think they'd go down some, but it still has to be a profitable venture for everyone involved. My little brother and I have already run numbers and set plans for when it becomes legal. We want to open our own little shop.
  14. What do you mean marlboro greens? I thought they were called Marley? Maybe they're doing both? In the Cannabible 2 they discuss the effects of legalization, and they mention as early as 1993 Philip Morris filed trademark applications for "Marley" brand cannabis cigarettes. They also agree it would be cheaper, even for the best buds, but no one knows for sure how much.
  15. In the US, the average prices for the best nuggets by gram is $15-20 with no hook-up. Taking 33-50% off those prices is a huge drop.
  16. That is correct. The average happens to be high because the demand currently outweighs the supply. And I said best nuggets, not your average nugs.
  17. idk. i mean if u put the rescources of the cig companies behind weed gentics, you could have some uber dank weed that grows fast and needs little drying time. i think it would end up being about the same price as tabacco, once the industry got established.
  18. dont hold your breath........weed will not become legal here anytime soon.

  19. have you never seen a $60 1/8? Around here it rarely gets that expensive but the one time I threw in on a $60 1/8 it was fucking AMAZING! And I generally smoke good crystally sensi, too, but $45 an 1/8 is the usual price. I know some hookups in Nashville that are even more expensive than that, but those are the drug dealers to the stars.
  20. First of all, you could just grow it if it were legal...

    If you opted to pay for nugs it's likely they'd be sold in one way or another by a certified place(I'm sure evil corporations won't be our only choices). They would probably have stuff ranging from okay to amazing or at least dank. I can't see the best stuff going for more than $14-15 a gram after taxes. Really nice stuff would probably go for $10-11 after tax. Cheapest stuff, $7-8 a gram for stuff like good beasters. Ya know, just some predictions for when I'm 80... so I guess we'll have to take inflation into account.

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