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  1. To lead a good and happy life, is this the purpose? 
    Philosophy deals with abstract thought and reason, it allows us to solve, anticipate, to evaluate scenarios and outcomes. But what is the purpose, the end goal?

  2. Philosophy is a means for flexing your empathy. Philosophy is a tool to persuade. On the internet a very human element is missing, but even as rudimentary with words I am able to get my main point across yes? The purpose of the thread.
    I suppose my end goal using the tool is to mutually agree with all parties on something, I like that end point. All sides walk having learned something.
  3. philosophy is one way through which to explore the symbolic universe
  4. Philosophy is a healthy curious dance of the mind, with no end goal but to revel in the fundamentals of existence.
  5. I think it happened because back then they had a LOT of time.
  6. The end goal is a significant aspect of any philosophy, I would say. So, philosophy itself doesn't have an end goal, but various philosophies have their own end goal.
  7. The end is to be found in this very moment. Philosophy is what gives bloom to wisdom. We become wise through love for knowledge. In mindful rumination and heartfelt contemplation, the truth is revealed behind this great facade. The truth resides pure and unblemished. Here is some perennial wisdom I just happened to find :)

    Nice things to read here.
  8. Philosophy solves problems science cannot

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  9. Pickled, out of curiosity. Have you read The Secret Doctrine, or any significant portion of it?
  10. I have read a little, but nothing I would call a significant portion. It piqued my interest, but lost it along the way haha. I'm more interested in real scholarship like the works of Manly p. Hall. I wonder, have you been introduced to his works? He truly seems to embody a most practical wisdom thatrovides a neat window into the doctrines of the ancients.
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    "Men study philosophy not to remain young forever, but in order to grow older wisely." Manly P. Hall
    Philosophy translated "love of wisdom."
  12. I would change this to attempts to solve questions that are beyond the scope of current scientific understanding.
  13. Some things which philosophy and spirituality attempt to provide answers to are absolutely outside of the realm of empirical, scientific, methods. Particularly questions of meaning. 'Why?' cannot be answered by philosophy and spirituality will always have will always learn new facts, learn new 'hows' and ways of applying all of this knowledge...but it cannot by definition answer certain things which are important to people.
  14. The reason for philosophy is to find the stone. ;)
  15. Not "current scientific understanding"

    Philosophy is the discussion of logic as defined by the speaker. There are things that inherently.cannot be proven by science by definition (because they cannot be tested). These things will never be able to be tested by science.
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  16. Become a physicist. We have more fun ;)

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  17. "And now I have become death, destroyer of world's"

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  18. I see philosophy as questions without actual answers.. and because there is no real answer, any answer you find is only your answer. It's good for asking questions, but beyond that I don't put much stock into it. Like as said above, it answers 'why' but it really doesn't.. it just gives you your meaning as to 'why'. I'm more interested in 'how' because to me, that's my 'why'..

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