The purity test

Discussion in 'General' started by MariaJuana92, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Sorry but this shit just aint going quick for me at all..
  2. eh some people will probably end up doing it
  3. Sounds interesting but I can't hang with 500 questions haha.

  4. that's what i thought
    but i had a certain kind of focused high

    like at first, i answered like 6 questions and went
    and stopped for a second
    then i got super focused and like
    ate some munchies while doing it

  5. You've convinced me to try it haha.

    Here gooooes!
  6. i did page one... then it hit me 500 questions FUCK THAT
  7. Ok.
    44.8% pure.
  8. Hey look my 2 fav bitches in here

    Maria and honeymoon
  9. Awww reallys???
  10. 86.6% wasn't that long maybe took 10 minutes
  11. I got 50% so I'm half way!
  12. I think I'll wait until someone with a lower score comes along.
  13. I don't need a test to tell me I'm fucked in the head.:cool:
  14. I was expecting much higher I got 47%.
  15. damn that took for ever

    43% pure
    wow theres alot of stuff i have yet to do. Ill take the test in 5 years and see how i score then
  16. Ill definitely do it later but for right now eh no

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