The Purge

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  1. Did not live up to my expectations at all. Sucked for the most part. If that was me inside that impenetrable house, i would've just camped up in the basement with a couple guns and shit. 
    Anyways, If this "Purge" was to actually be true; what would you do in order to be prepared to either Purge or hide and protect yourself.

  2. I gave this flick a miss...really no law for 12 hours,....NOT EVEN MODERATORS ON GRASS CITY? can you imagine the riot,
    even IMBD gave this a 5.8 sumthing, I'll wait till it scores 7.0 or such then review, just keep in mind it's mid summer movie madness times, many flicks to see, Hell !!!!!.....I'd watch "Now You See Me (2013)" again first  ...but others have said,
    I am a movie theatre employee, so I saw this film last night at an employee screening. Going into the movie, I was rather excited. The concept is interesting, and has never been done before. While this movie was not as scary as I had anticipated, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. The antagonists were disturbing, and the movie really shows the struggle between self-preservation and what's right. It is somewhat short, but the makers certainly do get the job done. Plenty of flashlight-and-pistol standoffs and suspenseful scenes make for a movie with an interesting plot, and good acting. The ending was a bit predictable, but did not ruin the movie in my opinion. Not the best that I've seen, but overall a decent flick. 85 mins   (de cent says)

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  3. It shocked everyone by how much money it's made.
    I've already wrote about the purge on two different threads lol, but basically the two other posters summed it up.  Really cool concept, disappointing execution.
    Lots of plot holes...
    But I'm still excited to see if they make a part 2, what direction they go in.  I think like a mostly found footage version of the purge, or set in a city, would be a lot more interesting.
    As far as what I'd do.... I'd like to say I'd just stay home and try to be safe... but I'd probably be pretty tempted to "release the beast" and go wild on purge night lol
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  4. I gotta agree with the rest of the posters. The movie could have been so much more than it was. I was really hoping that there would be more background information as to how the purge came into effect and the whole new america/founding fathers thing. I was expecting a twist. There are so many things that don't make sense/just would not happen. 
    The audience was laughing out loud in several (serious) parts so it was an enjoyable experience. Plus I was buzzed. But it was not scary at all. And the son should have been shot. 
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    I don't want to get into spoilers... but a friend was arguing that in a way this movie is a dark comedy in parts  And I had to agree with him on that.  Parts of the movie, even serious parts, certain death scenes, have a very "dark comedy" feel to them. And it seems, in certain parts, that the film creators deffinetly tried to go for that type of feel.
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  6. I feel as the concept is great, I have yet to see the movie and really would like to. I've heard nothing but average to bad reviews. I thought about actually writing my own story based off the purge idea.
  7. As long as my family is alright all I need is like an ounce of some dank buds and I'll be good. :bongin:
  8. it seemed in the preview like a "the strangers" hunt n kill horror
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    Yep... the masks reminded me so much of "the strangers" that I thought maybe there was a connection between the movies.  Not the same universe or anything, but thought maybe the same director or writer or something worked on both.... but nope. No connection as far as I can tell.
    And what makes it even more confusing, is that before the purge my theatre showed the trailer for "You're next" which has people wearing similar animal masks trying to get into some ones house just like The Purge.
    Honestly, I thought "You're Next" was the sequel to the strangers, they look completely similar, have the same type of atmosphere. But they aren't connected at all as far as I can tell...... home invasion movies with people wearing strange cartoon or animal masks must be hot right now in hollywood lol
  10. Our small town lost power for 8+ hours one day last winter, up on the NW coast, though blazzed as I was, checked on the grow room was OK, then my girl and I sat up a tree watching the cops drive around town, checking on things, SH!T I can say I am proud of US...yeah very collective thing it was, 3rd time it happened we had a street party, can you believe that Friday night was no crime at all, shit I love this place,....try that NY,LA,SF, London Paris Oh....Mocba?
  11. I really want to see "You're Next" it looks way scarier than The Purge. 
    But yeah I guess masks are "in" this year haha. 
  12. I quite liked the movie as a whole, the concept is what really draws you in. There was quite a bit of laughter in our theater as well, but I feel certain scenes were pushing for that awkward kind of feeling. The dining room scene for example. I won't go into detail, as to not give away any spoilers.

    I hope if they do a second one, the background on the purge is explored. I'd also like to see different points of view, rather than focusing on one family alone.

  13. The plot of this movie just sounds like the most asinine and ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I can't get into something so unrealistically stupid.  <_<
    But to answer the question - I would just pack up my pets and my important shit in a big trailer and head up to Canada for a vacation until the stupidity is over. Problem solved. :)
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  14. yeah i agree the concept of this is really interesting. hope they do follow up with a sequel, or prequel.
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    It's not really any more ridiculous than The Running Man, or The Hunger Games, or 1984, V for Vendetta, the story The Long Walk or hundreds of other examples.
    The movie does a decent... although quick job at explaining how The Purge works, why it comes about, etc.
    In the movie, people basically follow The Purge with an almost religious like devotion.
  16. I only saw the trailer for this a few days ago. Had a very 80's vibe to it. Not so much the look, but the "world gone wild" theme.
    I'm a sucker for these kinds of films. I'll be making a point of seeing it. :ph34r:
  17. Without the government, id go purging everyone. TOTALLY
  18. Purge my dick from your arsehole and GTFO!
  19. Yeah this movie did not live up to what I thought it would be. The trailer liked good but it took off slow and felt like they rushed the ending.
  20. random movie, didn't really enjoy it. the ending really sucked. I was hoping for something good I read a few decent reviews but not for my liking

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