The psychology of the typical 'pothead'

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by krux`, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. Is it just me or are ordinarily stupid people using cannbis as a focus or lense for acting in a way that they normally wouldnt thus having an excuse for doing so? i Find that the majority of people who smoke cannabis are uneducated about things which they talk about, allow themselves to act in a certain way which would appear as stupid, but they are ok with this because they are 'intoxicated'.. i find no reason to associate this dumb mindedness with the intoxication of cannabis.. i know im not the only one because i know many people who don't act foolish with the substance, yet the consensus is that it somehow makes you less goal oriented and perhaps makes you think in a duller way.. from alot of experience i find this not to be the case, anyone else?
  2. i don't act silly when i'm high. unless you count making wierd noises and ugly faces.

    but mostly, i listen to music, play computer games, eat, talk about deep deep things (many of which turn out not very deep.......) lol
  3. i act silly at times, but not much.....u see, as ay'one knows, the use of cannibus causes euphoria, which causes the silliness....

    but, i use to act silly a lot, i had a HUGE problem of giggles, but then i trained myself not to laugh at simple bullshit,.....but every now and then, if im watchin a funny show high and i laugh, once i get to laughin, im laughin for a LOOOOOONG time......
  4. you make it sound like its a universal condition, its not, in fact i don't think ive *Ever giggled at "stupid" stuff..

  5. how do i make it sound universal????
  6. Read it next time k?

    WESTCOASTSTONER - "u see, as ay'one knows, the use of cannibus causes euphoria, which causes the silliness...."

  7. its a known causes euphoria.....
  8. It has the potential for euphoria yes, however,

    *WESTCOASTSTONER* - ""euphoria, which causes the silliness....""

    You show me where it is a fact that 100% of the time cannabis induces euphoria. thanks

  9. i didnt say 100% of time it causes euphoria, i said it can cause it.......
  10. Wow, must i even reply? It is obvious you can't take fault for something, you have to be right, so in that sense, you can be right, however just know that you're wrong, "100%" wrong, so move on and stop worrying about trivial problems,, k? thanks
  11. uhh krux . . . let me see how to put this politely . . . stfu

    It's called the giggles. If you smoke some really good stuff and get that sought-after head high, its easy to start laughing and very hard to stop somtimes. I guess you've NEVER experienced this, but lots of us stoners have, so don't rip on a guy cause he is stating what he knows from experience. You feel good = you are more prone to laugh. Simple as that.

    People who intentionally act all crazy after they smoke are retarted. I have known only two people like this in my life. unfortunately the one I see very often, and want to slap. Both of them were girls, and very immature. These are the people you are talking about - they get high and then use it as an excuse to act stupid. I do not understand why they have this need to act this way - it is called immaturity (as you call them, "ordinary, stupid people"), and it is NOT why at least 95% of us smoke.

    edit - just reread your first post - you sound very condescending in all your posts. Just because you obviously got a stereotype in your head from hanging around a bunch of immature people does not mean you can accuse everyone here of using pot as an excuse to act silly. I for one do not, and I doubt many others here do either. Go smoke some and mellow, I need to do the same, later.
  12. First of all, let me put this Bluntly, stfu, second, dont Ever try to quote someone when in fact the person you're *Trying to quote Never said it. Also, show me this interesting 95% statistic,,, ive done alot of research on this topic and never have i come across such a ludacris statistic. Thanks kiddo
  13. omg dude stfu.... lol stop now ..just dont talk anymore k?

    back to what we were talking about before krux digresed, those who use marijuana because its the "thing to do" or its "badass" are stupid. i use cannabis for various reasons: fun, opens my mind, makes things more enjoyable, makes life better and easier to handle.

    ive noticed occsaionly when people first start smoking they do dumbshit like acting crazy like dinosaurs or something. but most actual everyday potsmokers are inteligent and act completely normal.
  14. Krux`

    *hums the asshole tune by Dennis Leary*

    Have a nice day.

  15. u should keep some things to ya'self......

  16. I agree with that easy rider....

    I like to use it as a sleep aid. It works wonders for insomnia..*at least indica does*

    I enjoy hiking while stoned too....camping...being outside in general.

    I do not like to see those that get stoned and cause problems...but the same goes for those that get drunk and cause problems too....

    I do not associate myself with people who cannot control themselves when intoxicated. It's just asking for trouble.

    Granted i've not see many trouble makers who smoke weed...they are content to chat, eat, watch tv, listen to music, hike, camp...and just enjoy themselves without knowingly or unknowingly attempting to hurt anyone or anything.
  17. i hate clowns when im high.....u dont act silly in my session, or else u get slapped upside the head......and im serious, i've gotten into a couple fights for being the dictator of the session......

    but about pot heads lookin alike, u kinda puttin us in a stereotypical category thats totally opposite from wut we really Easy Rider said, most pot heads are intelligent and calm........

  18. Since when can't you be silly and calm at the same time? LOL

    **I'd be worried about the one who couldn't.**

    You...people like you. People who wire out one day and try to kill everyone with a *spork*, simply because..You thought people were just being silly.

    Christ, you must not get out much.

    Do not equate silliness with negativity either.

    I can be as silly as i like while stoned and be perfectly calm among my friends..because i know there isn't one person among us that would even consider slapping someone Upside the head for being silly.

    You talked about wasteing your time on threads like *when is a word not a word*...and you come here and'd bitchslap someone that didn't cater to your little silliness obsession?

    Not only that, he's saying that those that can be silly and like to be silly must not be intelligent and calm individuals.....simply because they like to have fun.

    You don't have to move to have fun. You can sit on your ass and have fun....if you have an imagination. Maybe that's your don't have a good imagination..and tend to resent the ones that do?

    and if Anyone....came over to MY house to act that way....You'd find yourself in an adult diaper...chained to a chair in front of your work that alllllllllllllllllll the other people can see what a child you are being.
    **I'm sure your Dicatatorist attitude would crumble with the first set of eyes that saw you**

    This was meant for Krux`...but if it applies then you can keep it. *smile*
  19. Worst of all are people that get high and then log on to message boards just to troll and tell people they're wrong at every opportunity.

    And I'll act however i fucking want to when i'm high.

    *giggle giggle splort*

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