the psychedelic dance groove of GALAXY DYNAMITE!

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  1. Quick live music link:

    Galaxy Dynamite!

    Since blasting onto the scene in 2010, Galaxy Dynamite has been enthralling audiences at music venues and festivals across the east coast with their signature larger-than-life blend of fast and furious modern rock with booty shaking trance; mixed with dripping psychedelic broad guitar laid on top of sneakily catchy bass grooves, reminiscent of acts like Sonic Youth, The New Deal and Daft Punk.

    "Moment of Impact", the trio's debut studio album, is the culmination of more than 200 shows of blood, sweat, and tears in the relentless pursuit of showcasing their unique sound to growing numbers across the nation while opening for acts such as Conspirator, Paper Diamond,Ozric Tentacles, EOTO, Ballyhoo!, Dr. Fameus, Boombox, Future Rock, The Heavy Pets, The Mantras, Damn Right!, and Sonic Spank among others.

    Is Galaxy Dynamite a unique and exciting outfit, seamlessly improvising heavy bass rock with dance-oriented psychedelic sounds? Or is it something more..., a living breathing organism with each piece perfectly forming the sonic environment that can only be described as 'GD action'? Or, are they just three friends jamming the hell out and doing what they love? The correct answer is all of the above, but come find out and put yourself in their path at a raging party near you soon!

    Galaxy Dynamite: Surf / Trance / Rock / Psychedelic -

    Galaxy Dynamite

  2. You guys ever play in Asheville?
  3. I can't believe I missed your show when I was down at basslights... fuu

    You ever listen to Anatomy of Frank? (not the same style, but have a friend in it from UVA)

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