The problem with our school system

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  1. Ohio Mom Kelley Williams-Bolar Jailed for Sending Kids to Better School District - ABC News

    This woman falsified her residency to send her children to a better school. Now she is in jail.

    I understand the idea behind the jail time; lying is wrong. However, our school system leaves no room for competition. This person wanted the best for her children and was able to do so by sending them to a neighboring school district. This freedom of choice is what allows competition to work. I choose x over y because x is better than y. Y should step up its game if it wants to bring back those customers from x. This isn't possible in our current school system.

    Not to mention the myriad other problems with our current school system... I do feel as though a lot of those problems could be solved if we let evolution run its course via competition. Biological organisms are not the only things susceptible to this primal force of nature. Culture, technology, society, and industry also evolve, and they use the same forces as biological evolution. Competition.
  2. Not saying it's right but X in better than Y in this situation most likely because residents in the district of Y are wealthier and therefore more tax money goes to their school system than that in X's area. :confused_2:
  3. Probably true, even in this scenario.

    I don't agree with that, either. Public schools are just too regulated and too poorly handled. In my perfect little world they wouldn't exist. You know, I would have more respect for organizations like the NAACP if they focused on creating schools instead of paying for children to go to school. Perhaps joint efforts with existing minority populated schools. I'm not sure what the proper way to approach the situation is, but more competition is what needs to happen.
  4. Although she had good intentions, she broke the law.....
  5. The point is that the law is fucking retarded and prohibits competition.

    Competition is the driving force of everything.
  6. It's not as if she had no other choice but to lie...

    Yes, the law is stupid but it's still a law.
  7. Supporting an unjust law is probably the worst thing in the world.

    Allowing someone to assert authority when they don't deserve it is just as bad as asserting undeserved authority.
  8. Are you saying the law against falsifying information is unjust?
  9. Lying is wrong. It is a form of coercion, but in this case it is used against a coercive force. The government is already implementing another immoral action by forcing a child to go to a particular school.
  10. Uh, YOU might "understand", but I sure as hell don't.

    Seriously? Jail for documenting the wrong address so her kids can attend a better school?

    Her kids could beat another student senseless and they would get suspended from school, but she goes to jail for lying about a home address?!?

    It's called let the punishment fit the crime, and that my friend, does not deserve a criminal record.
  11. no one is forcing that child to go that school. He/she can be homeschooled or go to a private school.
  12. Falsifying information, regardless of the circumstances, is a felony if I'm not mistakened.

    No one is forcing her children to go to that school.....She can home school them, move to a different area, or pay for private schooling....Tell me where it says the children were forcible sent to attend the school.
  13. Falsifying information is a felony, beating up another student isn't.:wave:

    I don't agree with the whole issue, but as they say, if you do the crime, be ready to pay the price.
  14. Because everyone can afford pirvate school?

  15. So instead, you commit a felony? Shit, I know many people who couldn't afford private school yet they didn't falsify information.

    According to your logic, Robin Hood shouldn't be labeled as a criminal because he had good intentions...
  16. then it looks like her parents will have to teach her at home if she doesnt want to go to the public school. One more tear.
  17. Some information falsification is obviously bad and the law exists for a reason, but I wouldn't say this was an instance that put anyone in danger. But I understand that the laws are applied and enforced blindly without any regard whatsoever for their intent.

    in short, who gives a shit?

    You smoke weed, right?
    It keeps getting brought up but do you belive you deserve to go to jail for smoking? You're committing a felony.

  18. Tell that to MLK.
  19. The law doesn't discriminate.

    Falsifying information is a felony for good reason. I can be a serial killer and simply lie about my name, or I can steal someones identity and ruin their life....

    Just because you had good intentions doesn't justify your actions.
  20. And comparing this to someone putting her children in a better school isn't a bit of a stretch?
    You're assuming the action is wrong because it's illegal.
    Take a look at history and you'll see how enourmousley fucked up this viewpoint is.

    Do you smoke weed?

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