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The problem with mid blunts

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 15thReaper, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. ok, the probelem with mid blunts is(I dont know if any of you have ever had this problem) that if you smoke two or three blunts and esspecially if you box a car, you get stoned in the worse way. When i get stoned on "Midiblunts"(My word) you get all disoriented and sick and shit. we have the shittiest roads in my town and you got to go over a thousand bumps and then you have to fight to not pass out. damnit I hate midiblunts. 1 out of every 3 times i smoked midiblunts I puked my ass off when I got out of the car. and no fuckin bitch puke either, I'm taking puke until your stomach is soar, eroding your teeth, blood and shit in the puke nice and chunky Irish drinking puke!......sorry to go into such detail but you see the problem now. anyway, I switched to KB for $15/gram and smoke out of a bowl now so all is good.
  2. what I find helps when driving at night or any time when really stoned is to have the window rolled down a lot so you always have cold air blowing on you, makes you more alert.
  3. Maybe you get that feeling because you dont get enouh oxygen. Do you smoke all the blunts at once or do you smoke them one after another? Whenever I do a big hotbox, we smoke all of it at once to get the car really smoky, then when were done we just sit there for a few minutes until we decide we need some fresh air.
  4. I usually smoke mids and depending on if i am by myself or not, i can put a blunt of mids out and finish it 2 hrs later. I will take 10 or so good hits and be high as hell. I find that smoking that much just waste my weed. I usually smoke bowls though.

  5. Do you smoke cigs?

    The tobacco in the blunt itself also elevates your high...doesn't seem to as much when you're a cig smoker who has a very high tolerance to nicotene...

    Before I smoked cigs, overdoing the mid blunts would make me feel horrid and almost give me the spins...

    Now it doesn't seem like tobacco does anything to me unless I don't touch it for 12 hours.

    If you don't smoke cigs...don't start...just trust me...

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